Cheating and Friends

Cheating is defined as dishonest towards something. Nowadays students always dishonest towards something just to get advantage without think about the disadvantage of cheating. Cheating behavior among students is increasing but this behavior will serve it right. Students always cheating without think it twice but they will regret if received punishment.

The majority students will do this behavior towards their parents. Students nowadays didn’t feel guilty to dishonest and cheat their parents because decrease in moral value among youngster nowadays. This case happens when their parents to pamper their children until their children dare to lie. For example students always ask more money to their parents and say that to pay something although there is not. Students also cheat their parents to go out to study in group but they have fun with their friends. Students still cheats to get their benefit from somebody but they will deserve it after all realize it.

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Beside that, in school students will cheat and make fool towards their teachers and lecturer. They will cheat their educator just to avoid from their selves being punish. The students will find a variety of reason for cheats but this will not get long. The educator will know it someday. They have to cheat for their benefit in care of their marks for test and exam. This habit will continue until them realize it. For example students late attend to class and did not do the homework or assignment they will find many reason and excuse for their self being punish. The knowledge from educator not be blessing from them and they will deserve negative for their future.

Lastly, the most students will cheats are their friends. They will cheats for take advantage of goodness of their friends. They didn’t cheat their friends that have this kind attitude which is loved to cheat the people. These students will take advantage from their victim by making as their slaves. For example do their assignment is one of the famous this kind of people asks their victim to do by giving many reasons and sympathize. These students usually failed to make their final examination successful when they practice cheating among their friends.

Conclusion, cheating behavior among students is increase towards their friends, educator and especially their parents. The students didn’t get any benefit if they still continue this behavior. Moreover they will get severe consequences and lost their trust.