Charleston and Chiang Rai: Two Very different Places

Moving to new place is a great changing for some people. For me, I have moved to new city which is very different than my imagination. Charleston is a beautiful historical city in down south of United States. Unlike my hometown, Chiang Rai is a small town in northern of Thailand, there is a calm place where people used to live with simple life. Charleston and Chiang Rai are different city in two ways. First, the difference between Charleston and Chiang Rai is fashion. The way of people dress up in Charleston and my hometown are divergence.

In general, People in Charleston wear very nice clothes with colorful colors. Some women wear long or short dresses with many accessories when they hang out in some place. If somebody walk pass by the street in downtown, first thinking is “Are they just walking out from the stores? ” Because of people care about their looking, they spend a lot of time and money to have good looking. In contrast, people in Chiang Rai wear very simple clothes. Some people are not really care about their looking. They dress short pants with T-shirt and sandals when they hang out because weather in Thailand is very hot and humid.

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In addition, people in Chiang Rai will have a special fashion only holiday. They will wear traditional clothing which make from silk fabric and they will pull their hair back to make elegant looking. The dresses are very gorgeous and flowing. On the other hand, people in Charleston dress very normal clothes when they have special holiday. They just wear easy clothes for making them comfortable all day. As you can see, the way people dress in Charleston and Chiang Rai are quite going in the opposite way.

Second, another different between Charleston and Chiang Rai is terrain. Charleston is located in southern of United States where is near Arctic Ocean. The landscape looks flatten and fills with many small rivers. Some people in Charleston might have their own boat for transportation on the water. They can get in some restaurants very easily because they have a dock to park the boat. Unlike Chiang Rai, it is around with mountains and stays very far away from ocean. The location of Chiang Rai is northernmost city in Thailand.

It is not far from neighbor countries like Myanmar and Loas. When I was in my hometown, I saw the first thing every morning was mountains. In contrast to Chiang rai, Charleston does not have any mountains. Moreover, landscape in Chiang Rai is very high form sea level. It is the best place to plant coffee or strawberry. Because of winter time, the temperature will decrease and coldest than another province in Thailand. However, many areas in Charleston are filling with many factories. People who live near factories might hear or smell something from the factory.

There is not really a best place to have a big farm in Charleston because it has brief areas. The terrains truly differ between Charleston and Chiang Rai. To summarize, Charleston and Chiang Rai are very different places. It gives me a great experience to see the fashion and new landscapes in a new place. This is a good memorable and learning new thing to fit with new place. I realize how far I have changed my thought and perspective to see another city. By moving out people get to see the world and they should have to enjoy it.