CHAPTER let it dry for an hour. The



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    The increasing number of water hyacinth
(Eichhorniacrassipes) that having effects to make our river more polluted area,
it blocks the waterways in drainages and in rivers that can cause of bad smell
in our community because of stocked garbages and it steals the nutrients that
fishes require because of its rapid reproduction. Four million die every year
because of in-house air pollution mainly due to firewood used for cooking. The
production of traditional charcoal has high rate that’s why a lot of trees
being logged just to produce traditional charcoal and it has a big effect in
our environtment like global warming.


    One of the existing solution to this
problem is the smokeless charcoal made of water hyacinth. Two young ladies from
the University of the Philippines-Visayas teamed up with two Malaysian
engineers to convert water hyacinth clogging lakes and rivers into eco-friendly
charcoal for cooking. Our eco-friendly charcoal are cheaper, burn longer and
are actually smokeless.


    The main objective of this research is to
avoid too much pollution that is caused by a charcoal that is made up of
burning wood. Aside from that, this research want to lessen the number of water
hyacinth and also want to produce a charcoal that could lessen the pollution on

      The researchers cut the water hyacinth
into two and prepare all the ingredients needed, after that it mix all together
and put it under the sun and let it dry for an hour. The water hyacinth as an
alternative charcoal is smokeless and more cheaper.






    Statement of the Problem


•   What is the acceptability
of the quality attributes of amylum bound water hyacinth offal charcoal as
alternative biofuel?

•   What is the duration of
burning of the products when set on flame?

•   What is the smoke emission
characteristic per charcoal type?

•   What is the gross sales
and profit of charcoal from amylum bound water hyacinth offal?

•   Which among amylum bound
water hyacinth offal charcoal and wood offal charcoal is most acceptable,
salable, profitable and with the highest return of investment?

•   Is there significant
difference on the acceptability of the quality attributes among this charcoal?




   There is no significant difference on the
acceptability of the quality attributes among amylum bound water hyacinth offal
charcoal cornstarch bound water hyacinth offal charcoal and wood offal


Scope and


       This research will focus on water
hyacinth to make      an alternative
charcoal from it, including the ingredients such as amylum, news paper and
water with salt and after the mixture of all ingredients, it will be dried by
the light from the sun because it is the most natural way that can be used as a
dryer of water hyacinth, and the water hyacinth will get from the river with
the help and participation from the researchers of this study. The system and
procedure of this research will be managed by the natural process or hand to
hand working to produce an alternative charcoal from water hyacinth without any
expenses. No smoke emission measuring equipment used only common observation.
This research can give a lot of ideas that can be applied to many people and
they can used it to produced a very purposive product that they can easily use
as their business and also they can help some environmental problems in our
country in terms of lessening the amount of trees being cutted to produced a
traditional charcoal and also reducing the amount of waste being blocked by the
water hyacinth in the river.


Significance of the study


    The importance of this research is to prove
that people can use some objects or characteristics of nature that people think
are not important.


This may help to lessen the pollution in pasig river or other bodies of
water and it can reduce the stocked garbages so the river will have a better


This may help them to be a good leader of this production of alternative
biofuel because government officials are powerful in terms of facilitating the
entire community so they can be more effective for poverty reduction.


This may help to make an organized community and to earn money because this
research can reduce a lot of water hyacinth and produce eco-friendly product so
the people are able to contribute  money
voluntarily  for their community savings.


This may help the students to improve their higher thinking skill and to
discover more solutions for many problems around the world so they can be a
good role model for the next generation.


Researchers. This may help them to gather more information about
alternative biofuel and it can be a good background to make higher research,
experiment, and study to solved and overcome the other  environmental problems.



Definition of terms 


•    Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) – It is the main subject
of this research to make an alternative charcoal. 

•    Basin – Where the researchers put the water
hyacinth and newspaper with water and salt to soaked it.

•   Gawgaw
(starch, amylum) – The
researchers used amylum for the mixture of all ingredients to make it more
thicky, so that it will be easy to mold.

•   Offal
– refuse or waste material.

•   Newspaper – It is a part of the
mixture, so that the charcoal will be more easier to ignite.















Conceptual Framework




INPUT                   PROCESS                 OUTPUT

•   Production

•   Duration of burning test

•   Smoke



•  Survey

•  Selling

•  Return on Investment

•  Data Analysis



Charcoal made from water hyacinth


•   Water hyacinth

•   News paper

•   Amylum

•   Water with salt