Possible applications of the IoT are several and diverse, filling into basically all areas of every-day life of activities, creativities, and civilization as a whole. The IoT application covers “smart” environments/places in areas such as: Transference, Construction, City, Lifestyle, Retail, Agriculture, Factory, Supply, Emergency, Healthcare, User communication, Attitude and travel, Environment & Energy. Below are some of the IOT applications on table .


Table 3: IoT related Application

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1. IoSL (Internet of smart living)

·         Remote Control Appliances: Switching on and off remotely applications to avoid accidents and save energy.
·         Weather: Displays outdoor weather environments such as humidity, temperature, pressure, wind speed and rain levels with ability to transfer data.
·         Safety Monitoring: cameras, and home alarm systems making people feel safe in their daily life at home. 
·         Intrusion Detection Systems: Detection of window and door openings and violations to prevent intruders.
·         Energy and Water Use: Energy and water supply consumption monitoring to obtain advice on how to save cost and resources, & many more…

2.IoSC ( Internet of smart cities)

·         Structural Health: Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments.
·         Lightning: intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights,
·         Transportation: Smart Roads and Intellectual High-ways with threatening mails and diversions according to climate environments and surprising events like accidents or traffic jams,
·         Smart Car parks: Real-time observing of parking places availability in the city residents able to recognize and reserve the nearby available spaces.
·         Waste Management: Detection of garbage levels in containers to improve the trash gathering routes. Trash cans and recycle bins with RFID tags allow the cleanliness staff to see when garbage has been put out.

3. IoSE (Internet of smart environment)

·         Air Pollution monitoring: Control of carbon-di-oxide emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars and toxic gases generated in farms, Forest Fire
·         Detection: Intensive care of fire gases and preemptive fire conditions to express alert zones,
·         Weather monitoring: weather conditions monitoring such as humidity, temperature, pressure, wind speed and rain, Earthquake Early Detection.
·         Quality: Study of water suitability in rivers and the sea for eligibility in drinkable use,

4.IoSI (Internet of smart industry)

·         Explosive and Hazardous Gases: Detection of gas levels and leakages in industrial environments, surroundings of chemical factories and inside mines, Monitoring of toxic/poison gas and oxygen levels inside chemical plants to guarantee workers and goods safety.
·         Maintenance and repair: Early forecasts on equipment faults and service care can be repeatedly scheduled.

5. IoSH (Internet of smart health):

·         Patients Surveillance: Monitoring of conditions of patients inside hospitals and in old people’s home,
·         Medical Fridges: Control of conditions inside freezers storing vaccines, medicines and organic elements,
·         Fall Detection: Assistance for elderly or disabled people living independent,
·         Dental: Bluetooth connected toothbrush with Smartphone app analyzes the brushing uses and gives information on the brushing habits on the Smartphone for private information
·         Physical Motion Monitoring: Wireless sensors located across the mattress detecting minor motions, like breathing and heart rate and large motions produced by mixing and during sleep

6. IoSE (internet of smart energy):

·         Smart Grid: Energy consumption monitoring and management, Wind Turbines.
·         Power house: Monitoring and analyzing the flow of energy from wind turbines & power house, and two-way communication with consumers’ smart meters to analyze consumption patterns,
·         Power Supply Controllers: Controller for AC-DC power supplies that governs required energy, and improve energy efficiency with less energy waste for power.

7. IoSA  (internet of smart agriculture)

·         Green Houses: Control micro-climate situations to maximize the production of fruits and vegetables quality,
·         Compost: Regulator of humidity and temperature levels, hay, straw, etc. to prevent fungus and other bacterial toxins.
·         Farming/Tracking: Location and documentation of animals scraping in open pastures or location in big teams,
·         Progenies Care: Control of rising conditions of the progenies in animal farms to confirm its existence and health,
·         Field Monitoring: Reducing spoilage and crop waste with better monitoring, accurate ongoing data obtaining, and management of the agriculture fields, including better control of fertilizing, electricity and watering.


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