Cesare known for was the murder of his

Borgia was a villain who did whatever he could to become a leader in the
military. “Either Caesar or Nothing” was the motto that he lived by. He
basically used this to say that things will be his way and people had no choice
in the matter.  Cesare is responsible for a lot of political killings but
the crime of which he is known for was the murder of his brother-in-law Alfonso.  It
seems likely that this was for personal reasons because he hated his brother in
law rather than for political reasons. Because he did this many people feared
him and he was known for being ruthless.  

It was known by many
people that Cesare had been very jealous of his brother. His brother was mysteriously murdered in 1497.  There was no evidence that Cesare murdered his
brother but many believed that he did.  The image of Cesare and his father was hateful
and misleading from the public community. 
Cesare was portrayed as a
monster of lust and cruelty that had gained an unnatural control over his
father after having supposedly killed his brother.  Cesare was more ruthless man of action.  Ambitious and arrogant, he was determined to establish himself as an Italian prince before his father
died and left him deprived of the political and financial support of the
papacy.  He was very power-hungry and entirely
ruthless.  Murder, bribery and deceit
were all in the day’s work to him and his pleasures were women, hunting and fashionable
clothes.  He was considered the finest
man in Italy, there were rumors of incest with his sister and he had syphilis
from his early twenties. Cesare was
arrested once. He then won a brief release from jail by agreeing to surrender
his cities, and fled to Naples only to be arrested again.

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a person can be both a villain and a hero for example Hitler. Hitler got
Germany out of debt. After WW1, Germany became extremely poor. Other countries
demanded that Germany pay them huge amounts of money as punishment for starting
the war. All those countries demanding all that money from one country made it
so that the people could no longer afford a easy life. Many people couldn’t
even afford a loaf of bread with their entire life savings. Hitler made changes
to the government, and even replaced the currency. Germany became successful
again.  The Germans
were all looking for someone to blame for their misery. Hitler seized this
opportunity in the wrong way. He basically pointed at the Jews, and said,
“There! They started the war! They’re the ones who caused your pain!” The way
he took care of this “problem” is one that is horrible. He got the people
to trust him by making their country great again, only to betray it in a single
move. Not even all the Nazis knew about what he was doing. He
was being a hero trying to protect his people and get his country rich again and
a villain because he was wrong about the Jewish people.  Hitler
also was a villain because he killed over 2 million Jews. He even started cultural and social
improvement.  Throughout Hitler’s
career, his common theme was about cleaning up the country. He had seen what
the Jews had created and wanted Germany to change.