Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use while driving needs to stop. It is an unnecessary distraction that has proven to be fatal. A study provided by CBS News estimates 2,600 automobile fatalities, and another 330,000 injuries caused by cell phone distractions while driving each year (www. CBSNews. com). Studies provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that the chances an automobile accident are 300% greater while using a cell phone, and 25% of all traffic accidents are caused by distracted drivers (www. drivinglaws. org).

Distractions while driving take the operator’s attention away from the road. This poses a serious risk to the driver, vehicle occupants, pedestrians, property, and more. Distractions while driving can be fatal. Several states have enforced distracted driving laws that restrict and prohibit distractions while driving. These laws help to ensure that a driver maintains control of their vehicle at all times. Distracted driving is summarized as engaging in any activity that is not necessary to the operation of the motor vehicle.

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As of November 2010, eight U. S. States prohibit drivers from using hand-held cell phone while driving. Thirty U. S. States enforce a text messaging ban (www. ghsa. org). Text messaging while driving poses serious risks to motorists and pedestrians. Reading and writing involve a required amount of concentration. Paying the required amount of attention to driving is impossible while reading or writing a text message. Although talking on a phone while driving requires less attention, it is also dangerous. The safe operation of a motor vehicle requires a driver’s full attention.

Driving requires constant concentration of the road and its surroundings. The decision to talk or text while driving could be the last choice that a driver makes. When a license holder avoids his/her responsibilities as a driver, many lives are at stake. Allowing a phone call or text message to decide fate is irresponsible. Laws and penalties prohibiting the use of cellular phones while driving must be made worldwide. Firmer restrictions and penalties could save thousands of lives, injuries, and billions of dollars each year.