Province  is  a  First  Provincial  income
 class  island  province.  It  is  one of the most  developed
 provinces  in  the  Philippines.  One  of
 the  challenges  of  the  highly urbanized
 province  is  the  overcrowded  prison.

 Congestion  is  rampant  in  the  prison
facilities  in  the  province,  to  which  no
 known  solution  has  been  conducted.  The
 study intends  to  provide  a  potential  and
 rational  solution  to  the  said  crisis.


With  the  rise  of  inmate
 population  each  year,  the  jail  has
 well  over  exceeded  its ideal  population.

 Cebu  Provincial  Detention  and  Rehabilitation
 Center  (CPDRC)  has  cells allotted  to
 contain  20  inmates  each.  As  of  2016
 each  cell  now  has  30-40  inmates  per
 cell. Cebu  City  Jail,  designed  to  contain
 600  inmates  now  has  5  times  that
 number,  with  3,102 detainees. Prison  congestion
 is  perilous  to  the  health  and  safety
 of  the  inmates.  Respiratory problems  arise
 due  to  lack  of  space.  Numerous
 convicts  have  developed  and/or contacted  serious
 illnesses. Instead  of  rehabilitating,  it provides
 suffering,  for  those affected.

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The  daring  innovation  drives  the  ordinary  mind  into
 creating  conventional  solution. The  structure
 at  sea  is  an  Offshore  Prison  Facility
 that  would  be  a  potential  alternative
 in order  to  reduce  the  congestion  of
 inmates  living  in  land  based  prison
 facilities.  Through the  use  of  the  vast
 waters  surrounding  Cebu,  the  offshore
 facility  will  be  a  prospective solution  to
 accommodate  the  excess  convicts  in  the
 province.  Various  countries  have  already
 made  efforts  in  creating  their  own
 offshore  prison facility. One is Vernon  C.  Bain
 Correctional  Center,  a  800-bed  jail  barge
 used  to  hold convicts  for  the  New
 York  City  Department  of  Corrections.


This study will be conducted in order
to provide an Offshore Prison Facility design that will
serve as an alternative to land based prison. The designed facility will
potentially solve the existing dilemmas of land base prisons facilities such as
prison congestion and the lack of facilities.


It will be constructed to accommodate
the existing inmates accordingly and to provide more spaces for additional


This study discusses the findings to
establish and determine factors and advantages for the study.


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