Cause and effect essay BY gl 30100097 Photography is an admirable hobby 2012/10/14 What hobby can record and influence one’s entire life? Photography can. In fact, photography is interesting enough to attract hobbyist across the ages. The reason for photography is an admirable hobby thanks to at least three dimensions, which are: it keeps memories in mind, changes the way how people observe world, and trains one’s patience. First of all, photography could help keep important memories in mind especially those Joyous moments.

With the quickening pace of the advent of the modern society , life is becoming increasingly stressful. The stress experienced by most people is detrimental both physical and mentally. In this case, photography is one of the best way to release from those pressures for individuals who are suffering fiercer competition. It is common that when someone clap eyes on a picture that filled with his or her memories of happiness, he or she will smile sentimentally and sincerely, thereby forget all the pressures and stress.

Moreover, photography can ecord one’s entire life from young to old hence senior citizens could watch the pictures and reminded that how they grow up step by step. Furthermore, not only the aged can benefit from photography, but also travelers. Photography attracts many travelers since it could help them record their fantastic trips and keep their travel experiences in mind, therefore they can tell people story about where fantastic places they have ever gone from the pictures took by themselves.

Based on travel photography, National Geographic Magazine is so popular and it can be seen in more han thirty countries with different languages, photographers loves to keep and share their travel memories and story with pictures is the reason why is such magazine so popular. Thus, photography could help people remember the important issues in their whole life. Secondly, photography owns the magic of changing the way of people “see” the world in front of their eyes, the changes including two trends.

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Initially, a meaningful photo needs photographer concentrate on the crucial point, as a result of that, a photographer has to decide what to leave and what to include in he picture before he or she press the shutter, in this case, a photographer needs to deconstruct the world in front of his or her eyes at the beginning, afterwards, raise the camera, look though the viewfinder and reconstruct the world into the final image. According to London, B. and Stone, the tendency is to “see” only main subject and ignore its surroundings will help photographer frame a better subject.

Secondly, details are extremely important in photography since photography demands details, as a great photographer said, “photograph is based on details, as ong as you learn one thing from each shoot, no matter how small, you will know that you are on the path to success with your photography. ” (Christopher, 2011) A successful pictures needs a story, and details make story prefect. All those pictures that have stood the test of time and have real artistic values are focus on details perfectly. Consequently, photographers should always observe the details in their daily life like a detective.

It will also make his or her life more interesting and more splendid when people take notice of daily details. In order to capture a better picture, photographer have to pleased to changes the way of he or she observe the world. Last but not the least, photography can trains one’s patience. The most important concept in photograph is timing. Regardless of what kind of picture a photographer would like to take, a flying bird, a sincere smile on a infant’s face, or a forward player scoring in a soccer game, all of those moments happened in an instant, and those moments are unpredictable, the only thing that a photographer can do is to wait.

To wait fantastic moments happen, it is how photograph needs substantially patience. Without adequate endurance, photoing may prove increasingly challenging. Hence, it is considerably important to trains one’s patience from photograph. In conclusion, photography is a splendid hobby due to three reasons: keeping memories, focusing on details in daily life, and training patience. Those advantages make photography admirable and attract thousands of people make it as a favorite hobby. Reference: Christopher, 2011 The Secret Sauce of Atmospheric Photography , retrieved in 2012-10-15 httpwarncle. yeeyan. 0Wbiltngual/229371


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