Catherine A. BoatengProf. Dr. Lucy McNairENG 102December 7th, 2017Identity and the Self Identity is generally understood today as a socially and environmentally constructed concept, arising through dynamic relationship and based on shared values and beliefs. Identity helps you develop the concept of self. identity is not just one thing, its many things.My English 102 class helped me clarify my belief that humans do have a true self that is buried inside of each person. We are the only ones who can define who we truly are. In this essay I will analyze what it means to have an identity crisis. I will also explore some of the ways in which identity is fixed or fluid. However, I firmly agree that identity can be expressed or seen as both fixed or fluid in regard to the circumstance in which it is being expressed. First of all, what  is a fixed identity? Identity depends on the social space, on community, on groups and how they see things.  A fixed identity refers to an individual’s belonging to a group. A fixed identity depends a lot on a fixed, traditional, community of believers. Think of the church where people go and worship, ho is public worship of God or a religious service iSome aspects of your self are also the parts of your identity that cannot be changed: your place of birth, your nationality at birth, your your date of birth, place you were born and the people who gave birth to your ( parent) can never be changed.Identity  can also  be fluid (explain how) which means can be changed. We can all agree that a person’s name is part of his identity. Yet for millions of women,  marriage represents a loss of this identity when she lets go of her last name (maiden name). For instance, a woman who has worked hard to become famous in her career then suddenly changes her last name to her husband’s name. In people’s minds, she might like a different person. The famous musician Beyoncé Knowles whom the whole world knows as Beyoncé, married and changed her name to Beyoncé Boateng. People will not recognize her and might jeopardize her career. Lastly, identity can also be both fixed and fluid at the same time. Your identity can adapt to whatever developmental tasks that comes our way.. Based on what you have explored here about identity, explain what self-identity isThe Encyclopedia of Identity defines self-identity as “the understanding that an individual has of himself or herself. Self-identity is also the awareness of one’s identity and the set of traits and characteristics that one assigns to oneself.”(Personal Identity Versus Self-Identity) Self identity can easily be lost through various events or circumstances. For example, one can consciously or unconsciously lose self identity through learning a new language or adapting to a new environment, political affiliation, and overly celebrating a public figure or celebrities and class. According to Dan P. McAdams who is the Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Psychology and Human Development at Northwestern University, there are three central metaphors for the self repeatedly emerge. First, the self may be seen as a social actor, who enacts roles and displays traits by performing behaviors in the presence of others. Second, the self is a motivated agent, who acts upon inner desires and formulates goals, values, and plans to guide behavior in the future. Third, the self eventually becomes an autobiographical author, too, who takes stock of life — past, present, and future — to create a story about who I am, how I came to be, and where my life may be going. Identity crisis One can easy lose their self-identity through a variety of events or circumstances involving politics, language, class, marriage, traditions or culture. Sometimes it is a period of uncertainty and confusion in which the person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aim or roles in society. For example I do not eat all the junk food one can think of. I eat three times a day; breakfast, lunch and supper. I eat heavy meal for lunch and light for dinner. I am “skinny” and my weight has consistently been the same ranging from 130-140 pounds for years. However my family have a problem with this. The reason is simple, some if not most African men prefer women who are thick to those who are skinny. There is a conception that skinny women are sick and lack qualities or elements that are present in chubby women. Another belief is that chubby women are perceived to be more “fertile” than skinny women. Also chubby women have soft and smooth skin while skinny women have a little difficult frame. Men have the notion that they should rather have a hard skin while their women should have soft, smooth skin, exactly the type of skin you would see in a chubby woman. For my family, me being skinny is a problem because I might not get a man to marry. At one point I got stressed out because of this perception. Gradually from health education and from traveling to different country, I came to believe that being chubby can pave way for sickness like heart attack and diabetes but skinny is healthy life and I am proud to be skinny.Conclusion “Personal Identity Versus Self-Identity.” Encyclopedia of Identity, edited by Ronald L. Jackson, vol. 2, SAGE Reference, 2010, pp. 545-548. Gale Virtual Reference Library, Accessed 8 Dec. 2017.McAdams, Dan P. “Self and Identity.” Noba,


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