Catch Us If You Can

Choose an event in the novel you have studied which you find the most memorable. Give textual evidence to support your answer. Based on the novel Catch Us If You Can that I have studied, the event that I find the most memorable is when Granda almost died. Rory and Granda climbed a hill and had to run to hide from a police car. Because of this, Granda began wheezing and he looked very tired. Rory then saw a stone bus shelter and took Granda there to rest. A few moments later, Rory too fell asleep.

When he woke up, he saw that Granda looked pale and was not breathing. Granda is dead, he thought. Rory screamed at Granda wanting desperately to shock him back to life. He ran to look for help and found a house, where the owners recognized him. Immediately, the wife called the police and the man drove Rory back to the bus shelter. They saw Granda lying face down on the ground. The police and the ambulance arrived. Rory sat in the police car with another man.

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The man then told Rory that he was his dad. In the end, Granda survived. They both stayed with Jeff’s family with his wife, Karen and two daughetrs in Liverpool. This event is found to be the most memorable because it shows how Rory loved Granda as he is willing to give up their escape all this while. It is laos the most memorable because Rory had to witness with his eyes his dying Granda. Lastly, because of this, he got to meet and live with his father again.