Carol Dweck explains that there are two kinds of mindset with different attitudes toward intelligence. One is “growth mindset”, and the other is”fixed mindset”. The growth mindset believes intelligence is gained through effort, therefore students with a growth mindset believe intelligence can always be improved. On the contrary, students with a fixed mindset don’t value effort because they believe intelligence is innate and limited.A student with a growth mindset has the potential to increase their intelligence. Dweck explains the growth mindset is gained from the recognition of their efforts. She and Mueller conducted a research with two groups of fifth graders., The students were given problems from an IQ test and some were praised for effort and intelligence. They found that the group that was praised for their effort wanted to learn more. She concludes that they were better able to maintain their confidence, recover from failure, motivate themselves, and confront challenging tasks.The fixed mindset is praised for intelligence but is limited to a certain amount. Dweck explains that students are influenced by what teachers say and do and this can lead to their limited motivational levels. Teachers that praise intelligence usually increase motivation. Some challenges that fixed mindset students face is that when they fail they “…were more likely to say that they would feel dumb, study less the next time, seriously consider cheating”. She also points out the parents’ fuels the fixed mindset child by “reassuring their children how smart they are”. The article claims that complimenting students for intelligence may help improve their grades in the beginning, but it has a negative impact once they move along to higher education.A person with a growth mindset fits my current definition of success. In my previous paper I explained that in order to be successful, you need to give your best effort by being passionate, being committed, and work hard. The growth mindset provides a powerful perception of how to succeed and the effort needed to do it. Their strength in motivating themselves keeps them going no matter difficult it is. They stumble when they encounter failure but they are able to pick themselves up and overcome any mistakes. Knowing how effective their own hard work and effort is, they learn that shortcuts are not how intelligence is earned. As long as the growth mindset is kept active they will remember they need to apply themselves in order to succeed.


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