Caring and Serving

Hong Kong people are known for their inhospitality due to the fact that they are always concentrated on their own work and never concerned about others’ life. This attitude makes our interpersonal relationships full of apartness. In order to construct a harmonious living environment, we must spread the concept of caring and serving. Caring and serving is based on opening our minds and starting to give a helping hand to others, who are either strangers or your friends.

The word “caring” means thinking of others but not only yourself, while “serving” implies that you should stand in others’ shoes and try to do the best for them. The concept can be represented by different actions, as little as greeting someone in the morning or as serious as participating in voluntary work. It may surprise you as the concept of caring and serving can be practiced and spread by doing such simple work, but encouraging others to have a happy life and meanwhile fulfilling your soul.

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The concept must be practiced in our daily school life for the pursuit of happiness. A series of extra-curricular activities based on it should be hold to maintain harmonious relationship among schoolmates. Flag selling, walkathon and such kind of large scale activities which involve all teachers and teachers to join can serve the purpose. These are activities related to the whole community, not only do they help the needy people, but also encourage students and different sectors to be concerned about the community.

The concept of caring and serving can hence be promoted as they are thinking of the others’ poor situation and pay effort to help them. In addition, these are not as simple as donating money, but consuming time and making use of their hard work. Students would be deeply impressed when they find that little effort paid may change others’ life or make them happy, which would contribute to the success of activities. School can also hold a “Love Donation” day which helps inspire students to open up their heart and transfer their love messages to fellow students.

Student Union should be responsible for this activity and hold it once a month. It should distribute a pack of heart-shaped memos to each class in the morning, and place a collection box at canteen. Student can write a praiseful sentence or warming wordings with no target receiver on memos, then put it into the box. Next day, student union will hold the counter again but let students take out memos from the box randomly. In light of this, students will receive praise and regards from their schoolmates who may sit behind them or seem to be a stranger.

They are caring and serving others and in turns benefiting themselves. In this regards, happiness is transferred among students, which inspires them to do more to maintain the pleasure. Therefore, the concept of caring and serving will be widely spread. The theme of our school this year is Caring and Serving, which is a valuable opportunity for us to spread our love and transfer happiness to others. As different societies would hold many activities surrounding the theme, students should participate in these activities to learn more about it and satisfy your soul.