The Career Interest Inventory

Finding out what a person’s interests are would him make well thought of decisions especially in choosing what sort of careers to take. The Career Interest Inventory’s purpose is to help those who are unsure of what career paths to choose. This assessment will help the taker find work that is fun, challenging, stimulating and enjoyable. The test has one hundred and eighty items to answer, the result of which will match the taker’s interest to at least twenty jobs and at most forty careers.

Aside from what career best suits a person, the test report will also provide job descriptions and a career action plan. This test is recommended for those persons who are not happy with their current jobs or those who are about to embark on the professional market place. Areas Measured The Career Interest Inventory focuses on two of the taker’s greatest interests. This test does not measure skills. These two interest areas will be matched to occupations that would answer those things in some manner.

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People who find that their interests are related to an occupation or activity are more efficient, motivated and productive. While there are many jobs to choose from, other factors such as required skills and abilities will also be considered. Since there is no perfect job for any one, the CII will help the taker find work that is most appealing to him in many areas. Administration Procedures The testingroom. com site provides a free test with a sample report. Should the taker would want a comprehensive test and interpretation, he needs to pay a corresponding fee in order to take the test online.

The test result is sent via e-mail. Item Description The test is divided into Profile, Score Interpretation, Zone (the skill or education necessary for each job), and the Activities section to get further insight regarding the taker’s interests. Validation The test categorizes interest into: • Realistic, • Investigative, • Artistic, • Social, • Enterprising Conventional The taker’s interests can fall into one or more of the categories. Each category is interpreted based on how many interests will fall into it.

For instance, if a person scored highest under the Realistic category, he is the kind who likes the practical, hands-on type of work. Norm Groups The test does not have a specific norm group. Anyone who wants to know what type of career to choose can take the test. Reliability Psychometrics Canada Ltd. is the owner of the CII and has been providing assessments for more than thirty years. According to its Web site, the group is the sole authorized distributor in Canada of the Myers-Briggs Indicator, and other tests.