cannot control and manage its waste. This
country has a large inflation of second-hand cars which do not meet the
standard emission rates thus leading to air pollution. Back on waste
management, this country has a reluctant government that has failed in
providing proper and secure waste disposal sites thus making difficult to
obtain clean water. Lack of clean water for the majority population has
increased the risk of infections. The unhygienic conditions have rendered the
country unsuitable for normal citizens to survive as well as children (Ngure et al., 2013).

Financial support

 Since more people are jobless or working in
the informal economy, the country’s tax has dwindled making the government
struggle to pay salaries and funding of public programmes. Health has also been
underfunded thus making it difficult or the ministry to meet the demand of its
citizens. Again, a larger part of the budget money allocated to the public
sector comes from the donor community through the Health Transition Fund (HTF).
HTF is a multi-donor pool established in 2011 and is managed by the UN Children’s
Fund UNICEF) (, 2017). The donations come from
the European Union countries as well as the UN agencies. The aim of the donors
is to improve the health status of this country by improving nutrition,
maternal and child health, and availability of essential drugs, vaccines, and
medical equipment. From 2003 to 2014, Zimbabwe was funded more than $707
million by global fund specifically to address Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.
Additional grants are also allocated to fight the diseases (,

Without the
availability of donor community, Zimbabwe public health could have collapsed
because most of the health programmes are managed using the donor funds. Lack
of funds had earlier on contributed to the poor delivery of health services.
Patients are left to die because of unavailability of affordable care services.
Additionally, the healthcare sector 

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