Canada used war measure act in 1914 when the WW1 began.
Which meant that the federal government had the every right way to take your
civil liberty for the common good of the country.  Which means that the can shut down you
bossiness stop manufacturing good and start to help with the war. People who
was immigrants from Germany was considered to be thread for Canadian people. So
those German immigrants wore arrested and thrown in camps without trail. We
also used the war measure act again in WW2. and the only time it pass was
during peacetime October 1970 when Prime minister Pierre Trudeu used to search
and arrest during the FLQ( Front deliberation de Quebec) they wore group of ultra-group
of French separations who wore involved in kidnapping and murder of James
cross. So under the War measure act many people were arrested and held
accountable without any charges on impression of support with the terrorist. When
the government passed the war measure act. Which give the prime minister and
his cabinet more power than ever which made our democracy unrecognizable.  Which lead Canadian being searched, arrested
and delay their property without warrants trails or compensation. Many Canadian
thought that these regrettable measure was necessary to protect the nation
against the enemy. And by 1914 several hundred thousand people was moved to
Canada promising cheap land, religious and political tolerance. But the
government also feared that the powers might assemble a fifth column to wage
guerrilla warfare. So over the next four years roughly 8,000 were arrested
paroled and forced to register with the government if they wore supporting
enemies.  By the war end more than 8,000
had been forced in prison camp where more people died than to survive and these
people were all immigrate from the enemy country’s they were just being forced
and imposed weather they were in Canada or back home. The flee their country to
come in Canada so they can escape religious and ethnic force in the first
place. Today most of the Canadian realize that some of our national park is built
by forced labor of those poor people who wore just looking for freedom and
peace. And realizing that act went “too far” today the act is replaced by
emergencies act but as a Canadian citizen we should remember that our right and
freedom can be ignore by the name of national security. The wars remained us
that fighting war in the name of liberalism aboard while limiting civil liberty
at HOME. In doing this we rick destroying that one thing that we all value
FREEDOM. This topic is challenge to liberalism because it does not promote
individual freedom or care about public freedom. It limited individual rights
and there freedom. And I think the only way to deal with this kind of problems
not giving the government the power to take what belong to us and to stop them
using us their slaves. And doing something wrong for the national security. If
you are more of a right wing you believe that this is wrong and that they don’t
have the right to tell you what to do and you will believe in individual freedoms
and that they can’t force you do something you don’t want to. And if you more
of a lift wing you will believed that these Act is for the benefit of the
people and for the national security they won’t mind the government to invade
in their privacy.


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