Call to AdventureAfter a lifetime of not fitting in with the other elves, Buddy finally finds out about his secret. He overhears Ming Ming (Elf manager) and a fellow elf talking about if buddy will ever find out that he is a human, which sparks buddy’s curiosity to find his real parents. He consults Papa Elf, who reveals that Buddy was born to Walter Hobbs and Susan Wells and placed up for adoption. Buddy then talks to Santa about the circumstance and Santa tells him that his Father lives a long way away-in New York City. And even worse, he is on the naughty list. Nevertheless, Buddy sets out for New York to find his father. (00:15:36)Crossing the ThresholdBuddy sets out on his adventure to New York on an Iceberg, in hopes of becoming a new human Buddy, and not just Buddy the elf. He leaves the North Pole which is his comfort zone and crosses through the Candy Cane Forest, the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gumdrops, and through the Lincoln Tunnel. He then comes across many new things to him such as racoons, traffic, and yellow snow. This scene is a perfect representation of this step in the hero cycle because it displays the territory of the known (the North Pole), and the unknown (New York).  (00:22:17) The Meeting with The GoddessWhile momentarily working at Gimbel’s, Buddy meets the lovely but unenthusiastic Jovie. She becomes his main love-interest throughout the film, providing him something that he didn’t have in the elf world. He eventually builds up enough courage to ask her on a date, and he affects her character development throughout the film. Jovie shows Buddy the city, and helps him open his eyes to the real world, while still embraces his childlike personality. In this case, this scene represents the Meeting with The Goddess because our hero found someone he can love most deeply. (00:30:07)Atonement with the FatherBuddy finally makes it past the security at the empire state building, the building that Walter works in, and meets his dad. He tells him about all the crazy things that have happened to him, in a song more specifically, talking about how he is Walter’s son. Of course, what Buddy says is hard to believe considering he claims he’s from the North Pole and was sent from “Papa Elf.” Walter thinks that Buddy is a crazy man, so he kicks him out of his office. This is an example of Atonement with the Father because Buddy endures a rough yet literal encounter with his father for the first time. (00:25:20)The Road Of TrialsWalter was quick to be put off by Buddy’s child-like behavior for a man of Buddy’s age, and simply does not believe that he is Buddy’s father. Buddy then gets in a fight with a fake santa at Gimbels. Buddy is arrested, and Walter reluctantly bails him out and goes to the pediatrician to perform a DNA test, revealing that they are related. This sparks conflict throughout the movie, mostly on Walter’s side of accepting Buddy as his son. This scene is a good representation of the Road of Trials because it shows the root of the conflict that takes over throughout the film. (00:46:15)Belly of the WhaleBuddy accidentally mistakes the vertically challenged best-selling author, Miles Finch, for an elf. The offended writer fights Buddy, and storms out of Walter’s conference without even signing a deal with his company. Walter is so mad at Buddy that he screams “Get the hell out of his life”, leaving Buddy very upset. He flees from the house, and wanders the paths of Central Park on Christmas Eve, alone. This scene depicts the Belly of the Whale step in the hero cycle because it is the turning point in the story that leaves the protagonist “near death,” or in the case of Buddy. Feeling unwanted and regretting trying to find his dad. (1:10:27)The Ultimate BoonJovie starts singing in a big crowd of people in order to spark christmas spirit for Santa’s sleigh to start up. Walter and his wife and son join in on the plan while Buddy helps Santa fix the sleigh that runs on christmas spirit, and the sleigh soars over everyone’s heads after Walter loudly sings a christmas carol. The whole city is in shock by what their eyes have just seen, and christmas spirit has finally been restored. This scene represents the Ultimate Boon because Buddy completes his mission of saving christmas and Walter accepting him. (1:30:24) Freedom to LiveThe movie ends with Buddy and his family spending Christmas together, and Papa Elf reveals that Jovie and Buddy get married, and have a daughter named Susie. They visit the North Pole Periodically. This scene is a perfect representation of the Freedom to Live step because it shows how the conflict has been resolved, and Buddy doesn’t need to worry about his dad accepting him as his son. (1:35:06)


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