Cake packing needed for a cake how it

Cake manufacturing & packing
involves the baking, then storage where cakes will be placed then
packing of box will come in existence, most of the times cake packaging,
boxing is made according to the order requirements of the product
majority of the times it is delivered to the consumer who is bakery,
bakery with or without arrangement of warm/cold cakes they can keep with
them, but besides making it and delivering it the cake packing has to
be flashy so, so flashy color full stylish packing needed for a cake how
it is done, let’s have a look with details of the cake packing industry
(manufacturing, supply & sales)

Bulk order delivery:

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The bulk order delivery from cake
manufacturers, industrial bakers, are delivered to the marts,
superstores, bakers, who store them keep them with storage of warm/cold
storages, who can keep the cakes with packing offered according to the cake box. The cake boxes are made,
printed with the requirements of order, brands, packing, items, over 90%
of the orders of packing of cake box are standard box for regular
flavored, plain, cream, pastry, muff warm/cold cakes

Customized Printing setup:

Single ply based:The bakery cake boxes
are packaging in cake industry in which you need window cake box
printing lots sizes which is small size a cake of 250grams to 400grams
will be cake in which you will be making the printing setup for this
customized lot of printing setup for cake box printing & assembling

Multiple ply based: The size
order of the packaging will be over 450grams to 1000 and 1200 grams of
cakes flavored, will be used in window cake boxes special printing boxes
are not made for this box packing for this type of cake box  

Consumer demand & Box Packing (cake): With perspective of marketing
and distribution the product has to be delivered with a good
presentation and packing should appeal & attract the customer and
packing must have good color, carton, and box packing

The product has to maintain a good
quality, healthy, free from rotting, and original texture, original
smell of cake, with confirmation of that in polymer tray or plastic tray
inside it, and cakes should maintain the original color, texture, with
smell as original, and healthy

The fresh bake cake single try
have very attractive smell and packing is without try of cake box it is
designed and in order to reach the consumer demand the box packing is
done in that manner, the cake with original texture, color it remains

Same as originally baked in oven
hardly before 2-3 hours time period and fresh cream cake, pastry cakes
are also designed and box packing is done with that delicacy, style,
qualitative standard of packing, so in 24/48 hours the original texture
smell of the foods/cake is not changed

And it helps to remain the cake in
good health condition, and after 48 72 hrs baking it is yet preferred
by consumer and customer to get it, due to in taste, it is maintained
original quality and texture and customer knows about it and quality of
it is not compromised

Customized box packing:

Customized cake boxes are made with metals alloys light
like containers, weight foils, plastic, glass sheet, plastic sheets the
customized size for brand, brand promotions and order details of the
customized boxes are single cake boxes of weight over 600 grams of

Foil packing in cake packing is
used for 400 and 600 grams of packing single and double both packing are
used in this packing category

Plastic packing in cake packing is used for 600 grams and 900 grams

Sheets, plastic, glass, foil
packing is the order used for customized cake boxes and 400, 600, 900,
1000 grams are the weight of orders in this category of box packing,
customized cake box category

Printing of the cake boxes:

Printing of the cake boxes are
printing orders in this industry of packing the normal order for the
size of the 800-1200 grams are the major printing category in which cake
box printing orders with printing text, quotes, brand names, without
self promotion demands. The regular printing boxes of the cake brand
boxes are the primary printing schedule in cake printing industry

Packaging quotes are printed on
top on regular orders and on window cake boxes on both sides quotes are
printed or 1 sided sometimesquotes like
yes taste & baking is our specialtyThe art of baking & almondsRichful taste of fruit cake with butter is life

Secondary and Tertiary:The
printing secondary and tertiary are the orders for customized, bakery
promotional cake boxes, wholesale demand supply of bakers, event demand
of cake with packing sub arrangements for events by hotels, seminars or
baking festivals orders or parties who involve the multiple small size
cake servings

Logistic Chain Supply Relation of Cakebox:

The logistic of the bakery
supplies and normal orders plain carton, foils, and sheets boxes are
delivered to assembling, packing area where arrangement of the packing
and boxing is set up the primary installation of the cake box packing
arranged with the carton, sheets, foil, ply based carton assembling

Supply of the raw material and for
cake box logistic supply for assembling and cross-distribution both are
used and in food items standard 1 2 1 transport, loading offloading
transport and logistics are used, in cake baking, warm, cold
arrangement, delivery logistics with assembling the box packing of cakes
and with distributed chain and market delivery of consumer, according
to the area, city is distributed and routed

The delivery supply of the cake
logistics is 30% more than the local average supply in terms of loading
and offloading cake box packing, assembling and delivering it after it
is filled, and cake is packed and ready to be delivered

Oven manufacturing & Delivery (logistic ratio of cake box):

Some units who have only baked
plain cakes and having simple cake box in which regular order supplies
are 90% supplies and non regular supplies 10% cake boxes are oven based
manufacturers only (non industrial) they have 1 2 1 ratio of making
boxes and delivery, however for printing or already printed packing they
used due to packing separate arrangements they have, but packing and
printing aligned they don’t have arrangements for delivery of cake box

Industrial special service or Baker’s Oven Packers:Box
Packing of the cake is the industrial special service, separate
arrangements for carton, ply, foils, sheets equipment, oven, baking,
freezing, icing, making, handling of the packing arrangements every cake
maker, cake baker don’t have installed in premises, industrial  or

Normal manufacturer baker’s oven,
so in this regards the services for regular, non-regular orders,
according to the demand of the market, according to the demand of
consumer this box packing, printing facility is installed on industrial
and oven bakers, providers, and packers