Businesses operate on a wide
range of different environments. The functions of businesses vary depending on
the type and scope of the business. Businesses and organisations have different
relationships with their stakeholders and these different environments
influence and shape the businesses decision making.

There are different types of
sectors in business organisations. The different type of sectors are Public,
Private and legal structures which includes sole trader, partnership and
private limited company (LTD)

Public sectors are mostly owned and operated by the government and to
provide services for its people. Some of example of a public sector
organisation is Schools, Libraries, Healthcare and Hospitals.

Sectors when the business or an organisation is run by individuals or
companies, rather than the government. The aim of a business in
the private sector is to make a profit. Unlike public sector, private
limited companies are small- to medium-sized businesses that are often run by
a family or small group of owners. Some of example of a private sector
organisation is Designers, Developers, Plumbers, and Repairmen etc.

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Sole trader is when a person is its only owner of a business,
that person is entitled to keep all profits after tax has been paid but liable
for all losses.

A partnership business is
when a business is owned by two or more people. Examples of professionals who
may go into partnership together are doctors, dentists and solicitors

Private limited company also
known as LTD is a type of privately held small business. Private limited
company limits owner liability to their shares. This is mostly up to 50

this assignment I will be attempting to explain 2 different types and sizes of
business that compete with the multinational company Coca Cola.

My main company is Coca Cola.
Coca Cola is known and recognized by 94% of the world’s population. The Coca-Cola Company is
ranked on the list of the top organizations for multicultural business
opportunities. Coca-Cola in Great
Britain is responsible for 20 brands and more than 80 drinks. There are around
134 people employed at the London headquarters. There are 6 manufactures in
Great Britain and 4,000 people employed by Coca-Cola. This information was
found from the Coca Cola website

The 2 companies that are competing with Coca-Cola are Irn
bru and Ribena.

Irn Bru is a Scottish soft drink. Some
marketing campaigns have kept it as the number one selling soft drink in Scotland.
Irn Bru competes with some of the global brands such as Coca-Cola. Irn
Bru is one of the most popular soft drink in Scotland, with Coca-Cola coming
second most popular; however by competition between the two brands they have
brought their sales to the same levels. Irn Bru is also the 3rd best selling
soft drink in the UK, after Coca-Cola.

Ribena my second competitor is
also one of the the number 1 juice drink brand in the UK, Ribena has been loved
by the nation for over 75 years. This drink is made from 100% British Blackcurrants.
Ribena had a campaign in 2015 they had a funky re-launch with a campaign that
focused on the pure blackcurrant taste which made the customers connection with
the brand even more.

All 3 of these organisations
sell drinks worldwide. The difference between 
Irn Bru and the other 2 drinks is that they only has one flavoured drink
and packaging for its bottle and cans is orange with blue and white writing. Whereas
like Coca-Cola Ribena has different flavours and packaging according to its
flavours, like blackcurrant is purple, Strawberry is red. Out of the 3 drinks
Ribena is healthiest and parents will by for their kids.

An organizational structure is
the way and extent in which the roles and responsibilities are delegate to. This
is to controlled and co-ordinated how the information is used between different
parts of management. It refers to the pattern of the relationships among
individuals and department in an organisation. There are different types of
organizational structures. This will include a hierarchical, flat, matrix, line
and staff, decentralised and divisional organization structures.

Coca-Cola and the other 2
drinks, Irn Bru and Ribena, may adopt a functional structure. Coca-cola and the
other 2 drinks adopting a functional structure to its business have its advantages
of clear authority. This allows each employee to concentrate on their
particular mission and task within their job. The disadvantage about this is that
you can end up with departments that you don’t really talk to, or an individual
that you might not talk to which will effect you carrying out your task and to cooperate
well each other. This means a customer might get transferred from department to
department if this problem does not get solved or it does not relate to one
particular department or function.

Coca Cola and the other 2
organisation using a matrix structure in their business will help them a lot by
giving them flexibility in business function. In a matrix structure, for
example each employee in Coca Cola and the other 2 organisation Irn Bru and
Ribena will have people who work in a function-based department, such as there
will be someone in the marketing or finance department can be assigned to a projects
which can be under different managers or can be teamed up with employees who
have different functions or different department. This structure will helps Coca-Cola,
Irn Bru and Ribena by helping them to adapt the organizational function to
changing their organizational needs. However the disadvantage about this is
that the procession of command in a matrix may become overcast and conflicted
by all departments working for a different department where they might not have
knowledge with.

Human resources function in
Coca-Cola, Irn Bru and Ribena will be for them to be able recruitment, selection,
training their staff members who join or are already working for them. This
department helps and exceed their employee to use their maximum work efficiency
and skills in order to achieving their organisational objectives.

Development and Research function
is used by when Coca-Cola, Irn Bru and Ribena in order to do researches and to development
their different department within the organisation. This helps employees to use
old features in to make new features, creating new and better products for its customers,
also to improve their production methods, and to create more effective

All these functions help Coca-Cola,
Irn Bru and Ribena to improve their business and help to gain customers as
different organisation functions has its different purpose.

Macro environment which include
external factors which are not in the control of Coca Cola, Irn Bru and Ribena.
This effects in them making decisions, their performance
and their strategies that they use for their organisation. Some of the external
factors will include economic, legal, cultural and social factors and
technological changes. Some example of macro environmental factors can be the change
in the consumers taste and preferences, the changes with the interest rates, the
change with the government policies. Coca-Cola, Irn Bru and Ribena will be
effected by all of these factors.

Macro environment factors

Factors: Economic factors are broad in range; it is a mixture of national
and international environment. Business organisations are working under complex
economic environments which effect both the decisions related with the organisation’s
production and the consumer’s decision making process.

Political and legal factors:
this includes changes in the government activities and changes in the legal
policies and regulations. Political and legal factors affect marketing
decisions of the company. For example, the government might say that there is a
low rate of taxation of retailer business then it impact positively on the
marketing decisions of the organisation. Political forces include the possibility
of election and the possible outcomes whether the environment will be peaceful
or there will be chances of political transition.

Factors: Every organisation may also use some natural resources for their business
such as forests, agricultural products and sea products etc. Furthermore, there
can also be some non renewal resources used by the business organisation. The organisation
should take a decision after considering the availability of these resources.

Social and cultural
forces: this includes targeting customers of the organisation and their
taste, preferences, customer’s attitudes and values etc. These factors change
the business organisation’s demand and supply. If the business produces such
goods as per customer taste and their preferences then it affects the organisation
in a positive aspect.

Technological Factors: These
factors include new technologies and the knowledge required for the production
of goods and services. The technology and materials needed for the production
also impact the business decisions of the organisation.

Companies such as Coca-Cola,
Irn Bru and Ribena will face these macro environmental factors. These macro
environment factors are usually out of the control of the business and consequently
it is necessary that the management of the company is able to analyse the
effect of these factors so they could make good and productive decisions. 

conclusion, from this assignment it is clear how the different businesses
operate according to different environments and how their marketing and the
businesses themselves have their similarities and differences due to these
strategies. We have also seen how the environment of the company and the
environment of the customers effect the sales rates and how it is not required
for a company to broaden their environment, an example of this is the use of
one flavour by the Irn Bru company compared to the variety of flavours sold by
that of Coca cola and Ribena, to increase its sales and keep up with the


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