Buenos Aires

There are lots of traditionals in
Buenos Aires. Spanish is Buenos Aires’ official language. Boca neighborhood is
very popular in the city. Italian immigrants founded this neighborhood. This
neighborhood is very enjoyable at the weekends, but it isn’t safe after 8.00
p.m. In the Boca, even one wall painted with four seperate colors. ‘San Telmo’
is neighborhood where artists live. This neighborhood is very lovely and
attractive. San Telmo is safer than Boca. Buenos Aires is famous with tango. It
is touristic district. There are so much cafes, restaurants and stores that
sold leather products. Only Sundays, there is a huge antique bazaar. There are
many kinds and quality products. Shines with fireworks at night, and you can
spend time with your family. It is so much relaxing. There is a International
Film Festival in Buenos Aires. The directors presents their modern films. Here
in Buenos Aires, there is a International Guitar Festival. It is held in
October every year.

Argentina is located in South
America. Buenos Aires is the largest in Argentina. It is capital of Argentina.
Buenos Aires is spread over 4,758 km² area. The
geographical coordinates of the city are 34° 36′ S, 58° 26′ W. Buenos Aires has
got four seasons. The average annual temperature of the city is 18°C. The
coldest month is July. Most of the heaviest rainfall happens during the months
of winter. The temperature is around 28°. The highest temperature ever recorded was 43,3°. Autumn is
the best time to visit the city. , and Argentina has many large lakes in the

Argentinean people usually make their
own food with meat. Argentinean people are affected by Italian, German, French,
Spanish and Jewish’s kitchen. Argentinean people eat rice, potatoes and fresh
vegetables while they have meal. Buenos Aires has got lots of types food. To
start with Asado Asado made of beef. Another popular food name is The Bife de
lomo. It made of meat. It is Latin food. Empanada is type of dough food. It
seems such as pastry. It is delicious food. Dulce de leche is popular dessert
in Argentina. It tastes caramel. It looks milk jam. Lastly, Cortado is a coffee
type. It is their local drink.

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