“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there”, quoted by Amy Li. If I had to choose someone who inspired me the most in my life I would choose my older sister Jarrica Kirkpatrick. The reason why I decided to choose my older sister is because she inspires me to go to school, she motivates me and give me good advice, also because she finical supports me. Jarrica graduated from John . C. Smith College with a bachelor degree in biology.

She is also going back to school at Hampton University this fall for Dentistry. Seeing her going back to school achieving her goals wanting to become a dentist motivated me to attend The Bridge Program. She told me attending this six week program will help me become successful in life. The one thing I love about my sister is when I felt like giving up on school and dropping out she took me to her job at the dentist office and seeing her handling business and take control at the office made me want to be successful just like her.

Even though my sister may feel like she is talking for her heath when she gives me advice I really listen to her and try to act on the advice she gives me. I remember when I was in high school I had bad influences in my life as far as friends and Jarrica said “the same people you skipping school with and getting in trouble with are not your friend I’m your only friend”.

At first when she told me that I thought she didn’t like my friends and she didn’t know what she was talking about but she was really telling me the truth and because she love me and she didn’t want me to go down the wrong path in my life. My sister is my best friend and I appreciate all the advice she gives me in my life. Another reason why I choose my sister is because she finical supports me with anything I need. Jarrica is like a second mother to me because if I need clothes, shoes, or food and if my real mother doesn’t have money Jarrica always plays a role of my mother and gives me money.

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When my mom lost her job and I didn’t have any money I was sad because I didn’t know how I was gone pay for college, I didn’t even have to call my sister she just came to Livingstone College and paid three hundred dollars for me to attend school. My sister always tell me don’t worry about money because she will always make a way for me. I will continue to defy the odds by staying on track. I will take the information that the six weeks Bridge Program taught me and the motivation from my older sister Jarrica to be successful at Livingstone College.

This experience has really changed my mind set about attending school. One of the most valuable lessons I was taught at The Bridge Program was time management. This taught me how to range skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing task. I’m also thankful for The Bridge Program allowing me to prove that I am college material. After the Bridge Program I will continue to make the right choice and stay on track with school because I can be successful while attending Livingstone College.


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