Brianna Organization estimated that there are 20.9 million

Brianna AluyaProf. CampbellEnglish 10217 December 2017The Atlantic Slave Trade and Sex TraffickingLooking back at slavery there was inhumane tactics used on African Americans that you would think today would not be happening. The Global Slavery Index released that over 60,000 people can be called modern versions of slave. Even though there are differences in sex trafficking and ancient slavery both have been dehumanizing. According to in 2012, the International Labor Organization estimated that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. This is such a big issue all across the world that was the same about slavery, in both eras they were physically, verbally, and emotionally abused.Slavery was based on money and racism. Slave owners would sell slaves for goods and weapons to satisfy their needs and wants. The Atlantic Slave Trade was In 19th century slavery cotton was a big part of the problem because cotton shipments made northerners rich. The profitability of slave agriculture meant that the south would remain largely agricultural. Slavery dominated the south shaping it economically, by 1860 there were nearly 4 million slaves in the south and made up one third of the population. Slavery was coerced labor that relied on brutality and dehumanization of African Americans. Most slaves did work with hardly any pay. In order for slavery to work African Americans had to be dehumanized and this gave the slave owners the right to do this. In the Atlantic Slave Trade millions of African slaves were moved from Africa to America. In sex trafficking young American girls are being controlled to be having sex for money. The average age a girl is abducted is 12-14 years old, when young girls are the most vulnerable. The predators prey on young girls that are on online or runaways that have no home to go to. Since they need a place to stay, predators have the idea to tell them that they can stay the night with them and they’ll give them money. There are websites that actually sell and advertise them to have sexual intercourse. Some sex trafficking victims are being sold from state to state because there are thousands of men buying sex everyday. The males that purchase sex have a very low chance of getting arrested so they continue to do it. Even though wars have been fought to end slavery this is still a problem in America. Even though that many young girls are “home grown Americans” they are trafficked everyday. Many authorities believe sex slaves are brought to America against their will. They are bought, sold, and traded by sexual traffickers and “pimps”. Human trafficking is the fastest growing enterprise in the world because you can be selling these young children many times unlike drugs. The sex slave is a global business that could bring pimps and sex traffickers hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour. The similarities of The Atlantic Slave Trade and Sex Trafficking is that they were both bought and sold and treated in a dehumanizing way. In sex trafficking many young girls are brought from different countries and sold. Slavery was a very early byproduct of a consumer culture of goods that give us pleasure but is not necessary. Europeans obtained slaves by trading them for goods. On the ships a slave had an average of 4 square feet of space. Which with sex trafficking victims they would sleep in brothels with very little space. Due to the brutality of both they both encounter excessive pain and labor. Both of them were fed very little and were severe damages in the body and mind.Even though slavery was abolished the modern day version of human trafficking is still a horrible event that happens today. Human trafficking happens behind closed doors so it is hard for authority’s to acknowledge it and become aware of it. But with thousand of people abducted, we need to recognize that this is one of the worst and horrifying things that could happen. Somebody can abduct a child from the street or lewer them from an online website with nobody knowing.Citations