Brian Blount and Boykin Sanders

Brian Blount and Boykin Sanders in their books namely, Cultural Interpretations and Blowing the Trumpet in Open Court, respectively have deal with almost the same issues of post-modernism but they both have different point of views. Brian made an analysis on social intent of every reading and related it to the teachings of the Bible in such a way that the believers found it easy to follow. He was in favor of academic higher critical study of the Bible but according to him this was not the only way to use the Bible.

On the other hand, Boykin Sanders called the believers to come out from the empty trapping of post modernity. He also made an analysis but his analysis was concerned with context such as politics and hearing from voiceless. The both authors in their books had actually tried to makes believers the true ones. They used their own ideas but were concerned with the same social issues. They both redefined the challenges in the light of certain relevant truths. In early times, the communication theories of the Bible was found complex but with the passage of time most of the readers found it very helpful.

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The Bible in its time became popular and it was all because of the great scholars who made the popular settings of its teachings. In the book Cultural Interpretations, Blount is very supportive towards the idea that the Bible should be studied in academic levels. The reason behind it is that this activity will help the readers to understand what actually the Bible is. By critical analysis the readers will preach the God and able to apply its teachings in their daily routines.

He argued that Scripture has many interpretations. There are many meanings of a single text and same is the case with the each text of the Bible. The readers of early age took their own meanings and apply it as they wish. This is all against the teachings of the Bible. Though still a single text can have more than one meaning but this does not mean that interpreter is free to apply any meaning to the text. The meanings must be within the limited range of possible meanings and relevant to certain truths.

Blount actually wanted to create a right place where the Bible be studied in a right manner. Another writer who wrote the book entitled: Blowing the Trumpet in Open Court is Boykin Sanders. He also wanted the readers of the Bible to create a world a better place to live but his ideas were different from Blount. When he wrote this book the conditions of black world was very poor. In his book rather than blaming the white world for the problems of black world, he blamed the black world for their poor condition.

He argued that if a person is a strong believer and strict to its religion no one can hurt him. But as the people of black world were failure to understand and act out the religion, it made them to fall and suffer from problems. Sander tried to make the readers true believers by saying that if they study the Bible thoroughly and understand the truths than they will be able to accept any challenge.

According to him the Bible provides a great roadmap which promises a very bright and different future. He was also concerned with the context of the Bible such a politics. He argued that in the Bible it is clearly written that when justice is common in a society, it will be in the upper rank of the God race. Blount while making an analysis on the studies of the Bible and social issues of the world, he found Negro spiritual, and black-church sermons where he found the figure of Jesus. Jesus was the Prophet sent to the people by the God. God gifted him a Holy book called the Bible.

When people saw the figures of Jesus they started preaching him as a God. On the other hand the Sander argued that by trusting on the teachings of the Bible and hearing from the voiceless who is the Jesus is the best way to spend their lives. The people who were moving towards the modernity were asked to leave that path. Blount argued that modernity is nothing just the way which keep the people away from the God. So people should be more focused towards their traditional ethics and values which will help them to move in the race of other nations smoothly.

He argued that by devoting the lives towards the traditional culture will help the believers to get more close to their God. The two authors link together in such a way that they have analyzed the same aspects of the Bible in a different ways. Both wanted the people to believe in one God. They wanted to aware the people with a true religion. They contributed a lot in the religion of Christianity. They provided a path for people to move on and achieve a better life. They made the Jesus a role model in front of the people of those times and started preaching Him.

Both of them offers them to analyze and learn from their past and present state. They taught them to create a sense of great values in their societies. Not only this, they wanted people to be liberal and do justice with everyone. They wanted the people to unite in any case. They created an easy map of values on the studies of the Bible which include all the positive aspects and surely leads to a prosper life. They contributed a lot in a sense that they provide very easy and understanding concepts of the Bible.

They related these concepts to the truths of the society which enable the people to come in the religion of Christianity. It is concluded that the both authors found the Bible a helpful book. Blount wanted the people of that time to read the Bible and understand the meaning of its text so that they spend their lives according to the teachings of their religion. The believers of Jesus were the one who firstly gave the concept of the one God and believe in one Lord. Sanders also wanted the people to read the Bible but he was much concerned with the future life.

He wanted the people to be liberal in their thoughts and activities according to the reading of the Bible so that they could move towards the bright future. The only way to achieve a good lifestyle is to preach God and have full faith in God. The lifestyle can be changed and maintained by adopting the traditional thoughts and activities. The both writers explained this thing in their books very deeply. They proved the certain truths of the Bible by giving certain relevant examples. They were fully devoted towards the importance of the Bible and their devotion could be easily demonstrated by reading their books.