Breast cancer is
the most common type of cancer for women, but over the past 20 years
improvements in diagnosis, evaluation and treatment have improved cancer
control. Breast cancer forms in the cells of the breast, most often in the
ducts carrying milk to the nipple or the glands, called lobules, that produce
milk. In more rare cases, the cancer can begin in other parts of breast tissue.
The Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital is committed to supporting your
mental and physical health through every step of diagnosis, treatment and
recovery. From dedicated physicians and nurses to social workers and support
groups, the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital has several resources for
you and your family, all close to home.



Screening and Treatment


With the support
of a personal Breast Health Navigator, we walk you through every step of your
care, from breast health screening to diagnosis to treatment. Breast imaging
navigators guide you through the process of mammograms and other imaging with
our breast radiologists. If cancer is found, a breast health navigator will
assemble your team of medical experts for a multidisciplinary Breast
Conference, where the group will meet with you to help define your diagnosis,
review your options and provide a clear, direct path to coordinated care for
your breast cancer.

We provide
cancer screenings throughout the year for skin, thyroid, head and neck cancer,
partnering with local and regional agencies such as the American Cancer
Society, Lowell Community Health Center, Cambodian Mutual Assistance
Association, Lowell Housing Authority and the Coalition for a Better Acre.

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Clinical Trails


Through close
partnerships with Boston-based hospitals and the National Cancer Institute, we
are able to offer cancer clinical trials designed to identify safer and more
effective approaches to prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of your
cancer. Our clinical trials include:

in treating patients with triple-negative breast cancer.

Breast cancer
weight loss study

Aspirin in
preventing recurrence of cancer in patients with node positive HER2 Negative Stage
2-3 Breast cancer after chemotherapy and surgery.





Resources and Education


From a Breast
Health Navigator to guide you through the process to social workers and support
groups to support you along the way, the Cancer Center at Lowell General
Hospital has several resources for you and your family, all close to home. we
understand that cancer touches virtually every aspect of your life, as well as
the lives of all family members. With that in mind, we have a variety of
services to assist you and your family including Support Services and Wellness
Programs. We offer Living with breast cancer program which is a free support
group offering education and recourses for women with breast cancer. We offer
healing through art program which offers cancer patients and their caregivers a
creative way to work through their cancer journey. Join others for painting
class with Sheri, a professional artist, teacher, and cancer survivor. We offer
RX relax therapeutic yoga for the cancer survivor, this class exercise is done
in a chair and includes gentle movement, breathing exercises, meditation and
relaxation. And we offer Go On And Live program that is a social group for
patients and family members who have been affected by cancer in some way to
help them cope and look forward to living after cancer.


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