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Essay Plato Question V


To me the ideal city Plato was talking about was
a city ruled by philosopher kings, Therefore, I think his ideal ruler was not about
someone who was just chosen by a circumstance like so much as by a divine
reason or inner calling but according to what Plato said the ideal city had to be an
enlightened one. With justice and wisdom, based on the highest universal
principles. He said that only the individuals that were committed to these
truths who could protect and preserve them for the sake of the common good,
were the ones that were fit to rule the city. Plato’s
view that every individual has a different, yet pertinent, role in the city, the
guardians must be physically strong, lovers of wisdom and knowledge and
impervious to outside experience , the guardians also lived by a separate set
of rules. Plato’s city functions like an organism, with each carrying out their
daily routine to perfection. Drawn to its logical conclusion, this is why Plato
believes that a special class of “guardians” is best fit to rule the city

 In Plato’s idea
of the ideal city he had the guardians,
they were the philosophers and they govern the city the auxiliaries are soldiers
who defend it; and the lowest class comprises the producer. But if these philosophers are the only ones  who can distinguish between true and false
beliefs they who master practitioners who can heal the ills of their society,
then they, and not democratically elected representatives, must be chosen as
leaders and educators of the political community and guide it to proper ends.
They are required to counteract the destabilizing effects of false beliefs on society,
but are these philosophers so incorruptible?
Plato without hesitation said that these philosophers are wise and that
philosophy training would always cultivate only wise people. What happens if
the philosopher kings are not smarter and wiser than a soldier or a worker. In
my opinion, the theory of Plato really relies on philosophy to educate and make
wise men, kings.

 It relates by
how it shows how his ideals and reality can’t be farther from each other, our
society is not a “perfect city”, we are too separated and too focused on
controlling one another with fear or pain or even racism. With that in mind the
aspect of perfect is subjective but in Plato’s ideals it would still not be
perfect. Wisdom and intelligence is only looked at in circumstantial cases in today’s
society. We hurt and attack each other verbally, physically for such trivial
things such as the color of skin or if one thinks a different way and they don’t
necessarily agree with what they think. Our society has so much more to improve
on in those regards, All of those efforts we put into doing those things we
could put into actually encouraging wisdom and intelligence and work better together.
Our society tries to be “just” but is ultimately not just. The way Plato talks
about ideal city it does relate to how all of our societies are separate which changes
how we view each other.

Our social structure today is pretty harsh since the way our society
works it seems its better if everyone is divided. And it greatly influences how
our everyday life is by basically defining who we are. Like our Upper, Middle
and lower class they do not all have access to the same resources so therefore
they view each other differently causing interactions to be much different. Plato’s
ideals seem to want it divided which is how our society is now basically on a
less extreme manor in my opinion For years we have seen this theory for social order
and to be implemented and it has drawn examples that have been the foundation
for the construction of the ideal country. I feel it’s a type of extreme segregation.
Overall I don’t think this is anything close to an “ideal city” that anyone
should have, for its time it does accurately depict how our today society works
but even that needs to be changed because it just more or less oppresses people.









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