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Branding is, essentially, the process of building a brand. So, to understand what branding is, we should know what a brand is. A brand is defined as the idea or image of a particular product or service that customers connect with by way of a name, slogan, sign,logo or design, or a combination of these elements.Branding is when that idea or image is marketed in a unique way so that it is instantly recognizable by more and more people and identified with a certain service or product when there are many other direct and indirect competitors in the market place.Nowadays, branding has become complex. It’s about the idea and perception that the customers have when they think of the company and its products and services. It’s how a company represents itself in the market place guided by its sense of values and creativity. To have a strong brand, it should know itself clearly and know the purpose of its existence.Professionals work on branding in order to build brand recognition and brand reputation and also to set levels of standards for the company that the company should strive to reach or exceed. Branding creates an expectation in the minds of customers about the quality and service standards of a company and also about its upcoming market offerings. This, in turn, motivates the company to better itself every time.Branding also helps the employees of the company to identify with the company and its goals and objectives and to work collectively in the right direction to help achieve them.Branding is more than the sum total of the company’s reputation, values,product or service, pricing etc. Moreover, building a brand helps to align the marketing plans of the company with its overall business objectives.The objectives that a good brand should achieve include understanding the needs and wants of the customers, delivering the desired image and perception (the customers should have of the company) clearly, being credible, connecting the products or services emotionally with the customers and creating brand loyaltyTo know if your brand is strong enough, you should be clear about whether your target audience relates to it instantly and whether the brand shares the exclusivity of what you offer. The brand should reflect the values and perception from the viewpoint of the customer.