Bowlby says that it’s important for the mother to stay with the children so the bond between them won’t break. Bowlby identified 4 main features of attachment:The first feature of attachment is proximity maintenance, where the child wants to be near the main carer.The second feature of attachment is a safe haven, where the attached person to whom the child returns when they feel threatened.The third feature of attachment is secure base, where the attached person is the point to which the children will return.The fourth feature of attachment is separation distress, where the child feels anxious and worried if the attachment figures leave the room.

Bowlby’s proximity maintenance and safe haven suggest that the child feels unsafe because they always wanting to be near the attach person and always returns when they are threated therefore the child may be suffering from abuse or neglect which then makes them feel unsafe around other apart from the attached person.His third attachment feature is the secure base which shows that the child is able to leave the attach person for a little while before returning suggest that the child is independent and is able to face his/her own difficulties. It could also suggest that the child and the attachment person have a bond where they trust each other and that the child knows that if anything happens his/her attach person is always there if they need support.Finally, Bowlby’s fourth attachment feature suggest that the child is facing difficulties, suffering abuse or neglect or a witness of abuse or neglect that cause the child to feel anxious and worried if the attachment figure leave because the child knows that if the attachment figure leave then no one will be able to protect them from danger or harm.

These 4 features of attachment have links to the title ‘The importance of safeguarding all children in an early year setting’, it’s important for children and young people to have an attachment figure in their childhood to later life. It shows that when children grow up they will face a different kind of difficulties, they need to find a way to be able to overcome the difficulties.In my opinion, Bowlby’s’, 4 main features of attachment show how children and young people will keep going back to their attachment figure no matter what this shows that it’s important for children to have a well-developed attachment with their careers, practitioners and others. Bowlby(1988) stated that “The ability to make strong emotional bonds to particular individualis a basic component of human nature”.