Born in Munich, Bavaria, on Oct. 7, 1900, Heinrich Himmler was the son of the former tutor of one of the Bavarian princes. In World War I he tried to join the army, but due to his threatening health, he couldn’t. While a student at the university in Munich,  in November 1923 he marched in Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch.  In 1923, Himmler believed he had ”found his calling” and joined the Nazi Party in 1923, then in 1925 he joined the SS.However, Himmler didn’t get his first leadership position until 1926. He was a propaganda leader for the Nazis in Bavaria, Swabia and the Palatinate. By doing this, he helped the Nazis spread their values and made sure that no one in the states were Anti-Nazi. This increased the amount of support the Nazis had to get from Germans, as some states were already covered. Then again in 1929, Himmler was given the title of Reichsführer-SS, as Hitler had appointed him as the leader of the the black-shirts SS. It first started off small, but by 1933, Himmler had increased the size of the organisation to 52,000 men. The SS had 2 main jobs, which were to inspire a sense of fear in the Germans and to be the personal bodyguards of Adolf Hitler. They were allowed to arrest people without a trial and search houses without warrants. The SS played a huge part in The Night of the Long Knives by arresting victims that Hitler instructed them to. This showed the Nazis that the SS was trusted and showed the German people that the SS could mess them up.Moreover, Himmler was elected to the Reichstag as Nazi deputy for Weser-Ems on 1930. This meant that there were more Nazi’s in the Reichstag and the Nazis could get a majority. Subsequently, Himmler decided that he needed to keep tabs on Hitler’s opponents and make sure that he and other high standing Nazi’s were safe. Because of this, he creates the Security Services or SD of the Nazi Party in 1931. They had so much power that they could arrest anyone who seemed like a threat in Germany, without cause or reason. In addition to having maximum security, Himmler felt it was a necessity to have a place to keep people who decided to be rebels and go against the Nazi’s. This led to the setting up of Dachau in 1933 and it was the first concentration camp in Germany. These camps severed a dual purpose. First, they were used to jail those who opposed Hitler’s government. Second, they were used to control the German people using fear. This was done by allowing knowledge of what it was like in a concentration camp to leak. The fear of ending up in such a camp was enough for many Germans to openly declare their loyalty to Hitler even if it was not needed.Despite already having tight security, Himmler decided that it still needed to be beefed up. In this case, Himmler introduced the Waffed SS in 1933. He established this idea of using it to create a Great Germanic Empire. It was seen as a second army and by 1940 and 23,000 members. Himmler wanted this to be at the centre of a mass army that would control a new post-war German Reich. During the war, it was in charge of running the conquered territories. Furthermore, Himmler was the mastermind behind the Night of the Long Knives, which happened from 30th June 1934 to 2nd July 1934. This ensured the army that they were more important than the SA and this caused the army to swear loyalty to Hitler. TNOTLK basically smashed he power of the SA and led to the dominance of the SS.Considering the fact that Himmler had done so much for the Nazi’s already, it wasn’t a surprise when Hitler gave him leadership of the Gestapo in 1934.  The Gestapo aimed to eliminate political opponents in Nazi Germany, and was responsible for  the rounding up of the Jews during the Nazi period and attempting to exterminate them. The Gestapo would arrest people then send them to concentration camps. The most ridiculous thing was that, the German people already had the thought that the Gestapo was everywhere and they could not trust anyone.Himmler, like Hitler, always had the dream of having a master Aryan race and he had an idea of how he could achieve that. That idea was called Lebesborn and it was created on 12th December 1935. This was also a way to provide financial support for unmarried Aryan mothers and give women a reason to have more Aryan babies, as they would be taken care of. Himmler even encouraged his SS officers to impregnate women before going off to war, as they were Aryans.Since Himmler was already in charge of the Gestapo and the SS, Hitler appointed him as the provisional president of Police on 17th June 1936. Himmler expanded and reorganised this agency, to deal with a wider range of policing and emergency response issues. Battalions were deployed to manage traffic, to provide fire safety, and even to be night watchmen for important factories. Anyone arrested by these people go into protective custody. They would then be sent to a concentration camp. As I have already stated, Himmler had an obsession with having a master race. This obsession led him to organise the Final Solution from 1941 to 1945. This was a second attempt to help the world by removing Jews. After Himmler witnessed the  Einsatzgruppen, he thought he would find a more efficient way of killing these Jews. This showed the German people that they can be easily gotten rid of, if need be. It also instilled terror and extreme fear in a lot of peoples’ lives.Then in 1943, Himmler was put in charge of the Ministry of Interior. Also in 1943, he made contacts with the Western Allies in an attempt to preserve his own position . This was an action which caused his expulsion from the party shortly before Hitler’s death. Unfortunately, on May 21, 1945, Heinrich Himmler was captured while fleeing from the British at Bremervoerde. Two days later he took poison and died.


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