Bombardier, English premium beer

Advertising nowadays is omnipresent. You can’t drive to your neighborhood shops without seeing a colossal prevailing billboard advertising somebody’s merchandise. I open up my Favourite publication to see an occasionally attention-grabbing advertisement on every other page. I listen to the radio in my coupi?? where advertisements can be heard more regularly than the music you want to hear. Advertisement is everywhere and you cannot help noticing the majority of it. There are many ways people can promote and publicize at the present time. You can advertise on television, the radio, in a magazine or even on the internet.

Advertising has taken over our society today. To advertise is to draw attention to or describe favourably goods or services in order to sell your product or services. Millions of people and companies advertise every year so it must be a beneficial investment for their business. Advertising is a dog eat dog industry. Everybody wants their product to be sold over their competitive rivals products, and advertising is a great way to promote and criticize. Advertising is very persuasive. We are told to shop hear because it’s cheaper than their and if you purchase that you can get an additional one free.

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But we have to be cautious of being swindled. The cheaper clothes we buy might actually not be the real brand or might be made from a not so good quality material. Don’t always trust or believe the things you observe in advertisements. In advertisements things are made to look better than they are. The food looks more mouth watering and drinks look more thirst quenching, Of course when you buy the food or drink it never looks as delectable as it does on the advert. Personally I prefer more humorous adverts. This is because when you see something comical which makes you laugh you remember it.

So the advert stays in your head and you can discuss it with your mates. This type of advertising is very effective because while the comical side of the advert you remember, normally you also remember what it is promoting. So you might try the product because it was remember it off the humorous advert. The advertisement that I am going to explore throughout this essay is advertising a premium bitter called Bombardier. The advert is very simplistic but sophisticated at the same time. A beautiful looking pint of bitter is the focal point of the advertisement.

This pint is almost looks almost 3d and is beautifully clear. It almost makes you want to seize the bitter from on the page and drink it there and then. The pint has a festive piece of holly resting on top of the thirst quenching froth. The advert has the words “God rest ye merry Englishmen” in the bottom right hand corner. The Pint glass has Bombardier and English Premium Bitter wrote on it. The pint is resting on a pure white background which helps it become the prominent figure on the advert. I would say this advertisement is aimed at a middle aged man as bitter is usually a mans drink.

The fact that the bitter is English also attracts the males, as many middle aged males are very patriotic. The text in the bottom right hand corner would also attract a patriotic Englishmen. The advertisement is also based on a seasonal Christmas theme. This advertisement was released a week before Christmas so the advert is saying this is the festive beer to drink this Christmas. So it would also appeal to a festive male. This advertisement plays on a festive theme as it was released just before Christmas. The holly that lies on top of the bitter is an obvious example of festivity.

Another example is the froth dipping down the side of the glass. This makes the froth look like the top of a Christmas pudding. The rhyme on the advert is taken from a Christmas song called God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. They have altered gentlemen to Englishmen to establish they are a English bitter. Gentlemen is also changed to Englishmen again to attract the patriotic male. This advert has been put on the back page of the Sunday telegraph so it is guaranteed to get many people evaluating it. I would say the advert gains authority in this way as it is the first advertisement you will see when you hoist the magazine up from the floor.

Contrasting colours are used to make the writing on the advertisement stand out. On the beer glass, the bright white writing is placed upon dark blue and red backgrounds. This helps the writing to stand out and be very noticeable. The White background of the advertisement helps to nourish the beautiful enticing colour of the clear appealing bitter stand out immensely. It makes it look like you can almost reach out and grab the beer from on the page. The advertisement will attract many people as it is very festive and it was released just before Christmas, when everyone is in the festive spirit.

It will also entice a very patriotic English male audience. But the advertisement will not be received well by foreign people as the advertisement is too biased towards Englishmen. The advertisement will also not attract people from different religions as not everybody celebrates Christmas. Overall it is a simple but effective advertisement. The world of advertising will dominate for years to come especially on the internet where more people are starting to shop. Many different ways of advertising are now beginning to develop and so the industry will go from strength to strength.