Blue Man Group is a special events company that specializes in the creation of exhilarating and avant-garde organization in the entertainment discipline. The organization takes pride of its expertise in wide variety of media. Their theatrical shows and concerts are well-renowned for the combination of music, comedy and multimedia theatrics to deliver a very exceptional form of entertainment ( “Blue Man Group,” 2007). This organization was founded by Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman. They opted to center on a trio of mute performers for the shows who are called Blue Men.

They are painted with blue grease and wear latex bald caps and black clothing and they take the audience through a multi-sensory experience that combines theater, percussive music, art, science and vaudeville into a form of entertainment that is clearly unique. Blue Man Group was founded in 1988 by this trio while working as caterers for Glorious Foods in Manhattan, New York. They started their career performing on the streets in Blue Man regalia and staging unusual events such as The Funeral for the 80s (Holden, 1991).

Blue Man Groups is clearly identified with the euphoric party atmosphere at their live shows. Apparently, this have become their trademark in the world of special events (“Blue Man Group,” 2007). Themes of various Blue Man performances ranges from science and technology, information overload and information pollution, innocence, self-conscious and naive imitation of cultural norms. Other distinctive themes include, The Others wherein it emphasizes the feeling of being left out while the other one is rooftop which represents the quest for bliss (Blue Man special, 2006).

Presently, their live stage shows are accessible in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Oberhausen, and Orlando ( “Blue Man Group,” 2007). The company utilizes its unique creative process to a wide variety of projects, including the recording of three albums. One of the albums is Audio that was nominated for Best Instrumental at the Grammy, which was followed by The Complex that established the musical basis for The Complex Rock Tour and it also served as a bit of departure from enigmatic performers.

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The most recent recording is How To Be a Megastar Tour 2. 0 which is currently touring 105 U. S. cities, and Live At The Venetian, Las Vegas, which is available exclusively on iTunes (“Blue Man Group Casting,” 2008). Aside from providing electrifying and world-class performances, Blue Man Group has also explored toy development (with their Keyboard Experience and Percussion Tubes, produced by ToyQuest), film and TV scoring, commercial campaigns, television programs (like Scrubs and Arrested Development), and a children’s museum exhibit called Making Waves.

It is evident that with these accomplishments, the group created a large following having wide-based group of fans ( “Blue Man Group,” 2007). Blue Man Group achieved enormous success after almost twenty years upon its conception. Their influence have exceeded the boundaries of the United States and now extends to several European countries. They have established their organization as a cultural institution.

In 2006, they were solicited by Swatch, a contemporary brand of watch, to create a limited edition Swatch watch as part of the line Jelly timepieces. The intention for this was to reconnect Swatch with the world of arts and culture. Despite the growth of the company over the years, it still manages to remain true to its goal of providing exciting experiences in a variety of media, which appeal to a broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds ( “Blue Man Group,” 2007).


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