CHAPTER -5 BLOG QUESTIONS 1. Which of the following is the main reference document for a quotation: a. Customer inquiry b. Sales order c.

Agreements d. All of the above Ans: All of the above 2. Which of the following organisational units make a sales area? a. sales organisation b. distribution channel c. sales office d. shipping point e.

division Ans: Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division 3. what is not considered master data? a. Work Center b.

Product Routing c. Storage location d. Bill of materials Ans: Storage Location 4.

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which account that Fl document and GIL accounts will updated a. ustomer account b. b sales revenue c.

c packing list d. d customer’s order e. e both a and b Ans: Both a and b 5. which option comes under billing part. a. procurment.

b. create inovoice. c. goods maintainance. d. rawmaterial. Ans: Create Invoice 6.

What Division is used for? a. Different pricing, responsibilities, statistics, plants b. Wholesale sales, retail sales, internet sales c. Differentiate distribution strategies or approaches Ans: Differentiate distribution strategies or approaches 7. Which of the following is NOT part of inventory sourcing? b. Credit check c. Bavkwad scheduling.

Ans: Credit Check a. Availabilty check 8. Which one are the views relevant to the fulfillment process? a. Sales Area Data b. Basic Data c. Sales Organization Data d.

Sales Plan Data Ans: Sales Area Data, Sales Organization Data, Sales Plan Data 9. A customer cannot be served by multiple sales areas ? a. True. b. False.

Ans: False 10. what step in the fullfillment process comes immediately after shipping? a. Sales order processing b. Billing c. C. Payment d. None of the above Ans: Billing 11.

What is the specific Fulfillment reporting option? a. Analytics. b. Online Lists c. Documant Flow.

d.Work Lists. Ans: Document Flow 12. which of the following organisational units make a sales area? a. a. sales 13.

which of the following is not included in pre-sales activity ? a. mailing campaigns. b. quotations. c. billing information d. creating and tracking customer contacts.

Ans: Billing Information 14. Sales plant data provide details on how the material will be shipped from that plant. a.

Ture b. False Ans: True 15. Sales area is one category of which kind of data listed below: a.

Organization data b. Master data c. Transaction data Ans: Organization Data 16. A distribution chain is made of: . ales organization c. division Ans: Sales Organization and Distribution Channel 17.

One delivery document can be converted into many transfer documents. a. True 18. When we talk about Fl or account data we are talking about company code.

a. True 19. What is the relationship between the plant and distribution chain?? a.

One-to-one b. One-to-many c. Many-to-many Ans: One-to-many 20. Which one is NOT the unique organizational element of fulfillment process? a. Sales area b. Shipping point c.

Credit control area d. Storage location 21 . What process results in the fulfillment of orders.

a.Cheese pancakes b. blue rasberry smoothies c. Fiduciary quantification d. the fulfillment process. Ans: 22. A sale area can be assigned to only one .


. 7 a. company code b. division c.

client d. sale organization Ans: Company Code 23. Sale Order is an internal document that contains information necessary to fill the customer order in a standardized form. a.

True 24. Which of the following statements regarding division is NOT true? a. It is associated with product line. b.

It can be assigned to multiple sales organizations. c. A product and material can be assigned to multiple divisions.

d.A sales rganization must have at least one division. Ans: A product and material can be assigned to multiple divisions. 25.

A sales area can be assigned to only one company code. 26. What’s the typical data in a sales order? a. Customer and material data b. Delivery dates and quantities c.

Pricing dates and quantities d. Shipping imformation e. Billing information f. All of above Ans: All of thr above 27. Which is one of the outcomes of presales activity? a. Payment b. Delivery of goods or service c.

Discount received d. Quotation Ans: Quotation 28. Which of the following is the source of data for sales order processing? Customer order c.

Contracts 29. Adistribution chain is made of: Ans: Sales Organization and Distribution channel 30. delivery document is converted into transfer order in warehouse management a. true b. false 31 . Which of the following is not part of inventory sourcing? a.

Availability Check c. Backward Scheduling 32. Which one is fault ( ) a.

in the fulfillment process, a delivering plant is a facility from which the company delivers products and services to its customers b. a shipping point is associated with one or more plants, and a plant can have more than one shipping point. c.

ales organization cannot Just have one division. d. typical channels are wholesale, retail, and Internet sales. Ans: a sales organization cannot Just have one division. 33. From the following options of different steps that happen in a particular organization, what should be the first step that occurs in the fulfillment process? a.

Processing a sales order to the sales department b. Creating and sending invoice to the customer c. Shipping the products to the customer d.

Receiving an LPO (Local Purchase Order) from the customer Ans: Receiving an LPO (Local Purchase Order) from the customer