Biology people skills that you need in everyday

Biology has always been an
interesting subject to me, biology isn’t just as we exist now of course, it is
an amalgamation of millions of years gone by, it affects your daily life and
overall life decisions in such dramatic way yet many seem unaware of its
effect. From your place in various social hierarchy’s, to your choice in sexual
partners, even though it seems as if the self is in control, it is your biology
that influences the self to make these crucial decisions.

In terms of my education, I have a
BTEC Extended Diploma in IT (Software Development). On this course, we were
taught the basics of computing at a higher level, for example, we were taught the
principles of programming using Visual Basic, how to build and maintain
databases using Microsoft Access and learnt how to design computer networks
using Cisco.

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After successfully completing this
course, I went on to find work as a Renewals Processor Clerk at an insurance
broker. It was here I successfully showed a willingness to work hard and to
learn quickly, as I was the only trainee released from the new employee
monitoring period early. I also learnt the people skills that you need in
everyday life, as this job required me to talk to all sorts of people to answer
their queries and to extract information from them.

Recently I attended the University
of Derby for two years, it was here I was studying a BSc in Broadcast
Engineering. During my first year, I displayed the ability to design, read and
build from schematics and using these skills, I successfully built a working
synthesiser as our 1st year project. I also learnt the basics of
engineering mathematics and applied this to the rigging of trusses. At the end
of my first year and the start of my second year, I was able to gain some
experience at a small broadcasting company called Cloudbass. In my time spent
at this company, I was often tasked with solving problems or completing tasks
related to broadcast (e.g. patching signals, setting up cameras).

At the start of my second year, I
fell ill and quickly found that I had become depressed and agoraphobic. I
quickly saw a doctor and began some counselling sessions. Although I was not
able to fix my issues right away, I have since completely overcome any problems
I had. I was able to use this experience as a catalyst to realise that I was
unhappy in what I was doing at university and that I wanted to change. I am
extremely happy I had this epiphany as I feel so much more sure of myself now,
in nearly every aspect of my life, from what I want to do in the future (which
is work in an area that has a human touch to it), to my principles as a person.

As a person, I very much enjoy
learning new things, especially about the natural world and all its phenomena. I
have recently enjoyed the works of Jade Goodall and her observations of
chimpanzees and their social lives. I am a record collector and enjoy music
from all years and genres. I’m also a keen chess player and enjoy learning and
spectating the game.