‘Bhagwad that separates us from others. Our consciousness

‘Bhagwad Gita’ the most scientific and the oldest Granth (legendary book of knowledge and wisdom) of all times advised people to raise the level their consciousness and not the intellect alone. The composer of that Granth knew that intellect of humans can be replaced in the future but their consciousness cannot. Consciousness is the thing that separates humans from a computer or a robot.

If we believe in the ”survival of the fittest” evolution theory of Darwin, then we ought to fear the evolution of Artificial intelligence because soon their intelligence will outperform human intelligence. But we have witnessed for centuries that humans have not only survived but is ruling the world among all species on earth even though humans were not the fittest and the strongest species on the mother earth. Our ability to connect with the inner self and each other through emotions is the consciousness that separates us from others. Our consciousness has helped us embrace the changes from time to time. A robot with the highest degree of artificial intelligence cannot replace this consciousness of human beings.

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It is the natural tendency of human beings to fear the change at first but then it is also the innate virtue of humans to triumph and rise above those fears. Otherwise, all the technological advancement and discoveries which we are witnessing today could not have been possible.  It is said that data is the new oil and it is the fuel to the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence cannot function without data and it requires humans to provide them with the fuel it needs same like we provide fuel to automobiles and aeroplanes. It will be a blunder to say that robots and automation using artificial intelligence are not taking away the jobs of humans. Even traditional sectors like journalism and Marketing which were once considered invincible by any technological advancement are now facing the wrath of AI. But it would be naïve to say that implications of AI will make the humans bankrupt and snatch their sources of livelihood. The fact is that it is forcing the humans to update their skills and develop their intellect and consciousness. If we look at the recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence, then it is clearly visible that it has created altogether a different industry to generate work for human beings. The ‘Data Analytics’ industry- which is helping every business organisation to increase their sales and earn more profit. Hundreds of start-ups which is providing data insights ranging from targeted digital marketing to complete value analysis of a value produced by generating geo-locational data to predict human behaviour in a particular area. With the use of augmented intelligence in the healthcare sector, a new medical platform of real-time outcome based industry is born viz wearable smart watches, fit bits etc. which uses big data, health analytics to predict our lifestyle, blood pressure, daily calorie intake and recommended exercises to make us more fit. Confucius once said that- “study the past if you would divine the future”. And we are doing the same, studying the past data to find the future trends which were beyond the capability of humans once. We have been doing this for centuries. This is how humans have evolved, by studying their own history and learning the lessons from it. Use of AI and augmented reality is creating a differentiation via intelligent solutions evidence-based terminal health diseases like cancer by focussing on preventive care and employing thousands of data scientists and lakhs of data analyst.  

As human societies progressed, inequality deepened. We have seen in 2008 how the collusion of some greedy and corrupt individuals in corporate, government, banks and other corporations like real estate, rating agencies brought the economic recession and widespread unemployment. Rather than debating the job losses due to the advent of artificial intelligence, we should debate on who is going to control the data- the fuel of AI. Whether it will be the government, some individuals or corporations. How transparent would the handling of data be? Today organisations and the government are taking the personal and biometric data of individuals for free just by luring them of some cheap benefits while they themselves are making billions of dollars out of it. The burning question should be whether individuals be given a share of profit for providing their personal data. This is the only way for the progress of mankind that power and money should be distributive in nature and not a prerogative of some individuals. Economic progress is when people feel empowered rather than deprived. The use of ‘Block Chain Technology’ in the banking sector can bring more transparency and accountability.