Betway- South Africa. Betway is renowned for its

Betway- Changing the Face
Of Sports Betting In Nigeria

Betway is changing the
world of mobile betting even in Nigeria with its mobile app with a double
advantage of accessing sporting information on overall sporting activities and
winning in the process Recently launched in Nigeria, Betway is a premier online
and soccer betting platform with presence in other African states including
Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

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Betway is renowned for
its variety of simple bet types, excellent customer support, user friendly interface
as well as its easy to navigate registration process. Sport fanatics and potential
sport lovers can commence registration by visiting on their browser with a
computer, phone or any internet accessible gadgets. The next step is to click
on the “sign up” icon and fill in the registration form with the required
details. Betters must ensure that the mobile number put on the form must be
linked with their mobile money wallet.

After the registration
process, to start betting, money must be deposited using five different electronic
payment methods. With Betway, money deposition can be done through the use of
either a credit or debit card, a direct bank transfer, an ATM machine, Bank Branch
as well as through the use of USSD. After these, betting can commence in
earnest with a PC or mobile device.

Mobile betting with
Betway in Nigeria can commence by navigating to Betway’s homepage after logging
into the website. Start my selecting “Withdraw funds” option and give the
necessary requirements of the withdrawal form particularly the bank accounts
details. Next, the bettor is required to Include the amount they want to bet
with. At this stage, verification details may be required form the bettor. Betway
has a variety of categories to pick from including “Betway sports”, “Betway
live in-play”, “Betway jackpots”, and “Betway club’ and the app also has
available a live cha platform for clarification where the need arises.

Sport lovers using Betway
can be assured of the security of their funds from fraud as the platform is safe
and reliable, hence, the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their
transactions are protected using the finest digital encryption technology. The simple
interface on the Betway app is to ensure that bettors have a smooth and
enjoyable ride all through the betting experience.

Betting with Betway in
Nigeria will provide sport enthusiasts with instant sporting news and a wide
range of sporting activities including cricket games, tennis, basketball,
summer and winter Olympic, boxing, motorsport and PSL football matches which is
the most followed sport in Nigeria that they could enjoy, bet on and win in the

Betway group, founded in
2006 with licences in about eight countries, is a widely acclaimed gambling
company rendering sporting entertainment through its numerous brands namely;
Betway Poker, Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino and Betway Vegas.

The Betway group has over
time been instrumental in the sponsorship of diverse sporting activities in the
Europe and across other continents. It also has a working partnership with the
Professional Players Federation which is aimed at promoting, developing,
protecting, the collective interests of sports professionals in the UK.