Bellerophon Lycia along with a letter that tells

Bellerophon was born in Corinth and was raised by King Glaucus, his father. Although, it is believed that Poseidon, the god of the sea, was Bellerophon’s true father. This myth starts off when Bellerophon really wanted Pegasus, an astounding winged horse. Bellerophon tells Polyidus his desperate desire of wanting Pegasus and he sends him to Athena’s temple where Bellerophon sleeps and prays. When Bellerophon is in the holy place, Athena gives Bellerophon a golden bridle that allows Bellerophon to find Pegasus. Athena’s charm works and Bellerophon find Pegasus and becomes the rightful owner of Pegasus. Bellerophon somehow accidentally killed his brother (it is said it was purely through accident) so he goes to Argos where King Proteus purifies him. While Bellerophon was in Argos, Antaea, King Proteus’s wife, begins to have feelings for him. Bellerophon, being a man of honor, wouldn’t have an affair with another man’s wife and he rejects her. Antaea, was furious at this rejection and she tells Proteus lies about Bellerophon that he attempted to have a love affair with her and she wanted him to die. Proteus doesn’t want to be the one to kill Bellerophon because the people love Bellerophon. Instead, he sends him to the King of Lycia along with a letter that tells him that he wants Bellerophon to be killed. Bellerophon was received kindly and stays nine days in his palace. On the ninth day, The King of Lycia opens the letter. He didn’t want to kill Bellerophon either. The Lycian King decides that Bellerophon could be sent on an impossible adventure instead of killing him. He tells Bellerophon to go slay the Chimera, a fearful fire-breathing creature that is a lion in front, serpent behind, and goat in in the middle. Nobody has ever returned from the Chimera so The Lycian King feels assured he wouldn’t come back. Bellerophon succeeds in killing the Chimer with Pegasus’s help. He went up over the Chimera and shoots it with his arrows. When Bellerophon safely returns to Proteus in perfect condition, he sends Bellerophon on a lot more adventures and missions hoping that he dies. He does this because he feels the Bellerophon should be dead. Bellerophon goes to conquer the Amazons and the Solymi, who are mighty warriors. Bellerophon is able to succeed in every mission along with Pegasus. He was in the favor of the gods because of many of his acts of good honor and sacrifices. As Bellerophon returns from many challenges and missions not dead, King Proteus and the Lycian King finally give Bellerophon respect for his good fortune, courage, and bravery. Also, the Lycian King allows Bellerophon to marry his daughter. Bellerophon lived happily for a good amount of time but he foolishly thought he could ride Pegasus up to Mount Olympus which angered the gods. Pegasus was wiser than Bellerophon and throws him off. Afterwards, Bellerophon hated the gods and wandered off alone until he died.