Beauty is not universal since our tastes change all throughout time, for example during the time period of artists like Titian (16th century) people were portrayed as almost fat in the paintings but in the 20th century most famous faces, like the British model Twiggy are very slim. Also, fashion is based on the fact that what we wear is constantly change and the music industry is anticipated on the new big songs and those songs are forgotten when the next big hit comes out. Beauty is definitely subjective, evidence is shown in architecture as it is completely different from country to country. In addition, Japanese and Chinese songs are very hard to distinguish the melodies for a western ear.But ideas such as globalisation challenge the concept that beauty is subjective as ideas of beauty are blending together all over the world leading to more of a consensus on the beauty of a piece of art. Examples of this is that models are becoming more culturally diverse and artists such as the Beatles and the rolling stones are appreciated all over the world. A study was done in 1993 by  Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid about cross-cultural ideas of beauty. They found that people from all different countries liked realistic paintings. They also liked landscapes specifically blue landscapes. There is also a mathematical formula for aesthetic beauty called the Golden Ratio. The formula consists of applying to two quantities which can be turned into a rectangular representation. This formula is used by many famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, and Le Corbusier.In art beauty is a measure of the influence and emotion the piece creates. It is a measure of how successful the art communicates the artist’s concept with the viewer. Beautiful art is victorious in pursuing the artist concepts and purposeful emotions. It doesn’t matter whether the art is dark and menacing or light and graceful. Art produces an emotional, instead of a cognitive answer. Art may not be of beautiful things or circumstances, considering a great creation of art may stimulate emotions rather than those created by beauty, such as shock, fear, or laughter. Art has meaning but doesn’t have to be beautiful, for example ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’ is a famous art piece that isn’t very beautiful but it conveys its meaning to the viewer- that life isn’t perfect and you can go on a beautiful path yet not have a beautiful life.Art is materialised emotion, emotion is what makes us human so it must be beautiful. Everyone thinks that art is beautiful in one way or another. even if they don’t realise it is art. Therefore all beautiful things are art. But beauty is subjective, so for different people, different things are art. For example, Leonardo da Vinci said that “ugliness is a variation of beauty”, whereas Jeff Goins said that “the job of an artist is to offer a sanctuary of beauty in an ugly world”.


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