Based on the study in
this chapter, Miliken is having a high level of employee engagement all the
times due to its world-class employee engagement based occupational safety
program. Every tasks or works must start with safety. All employees are given
the opportunity to take part in the safety steering committee and safety
subcommittee. The main objectives of this safety steering committee is given
the responsibility to investigate all the safety incidents to identify the root
causes for each incident. This steering committee must sit down for a regular
meeting at least every 3 months under the requirement by Occupational Safety
and Health Act of 1970. The same committee will govern and monitor all the
safety activities among the employees to make sure the health condition of the
employees and safety at the workplace are all well taken care by the
management. This is not limited to give instruction to the safety subcommittee
for the execution of the safety programs.

The safety steering
committee will cascade all the safety goals to the safety subcommittee and
these goals are translated into KPIs for actions such as “accidents per
employee hour worked”. The safety subcommittee also given the responsibility to
carry out activities such as weekly audit to ensure all the safety activities
are continuously complied with the safety act. 
This safety subcommittee also given the task to propose opportunity for
improvement from time to time. Each suggestions from the staffs will be
reviewed and provided feedback for improvement. All the employees are given the
chance or empowers them to become a trainer or safety officer to provide
training to the staffs or conduct safety audit. In addition to that, all
employees are trained in order to provide and get peer-to-peer safety comments.
This can provide corrective measures when some of the staffs are conducting
unsafe acts which will be commented by their peers immediately before
occurrence of any incidents. Each employee also trained to use Miliken’s safety
tracking mechanism to ensure all the safety suggestion, safety audit findings,
or other safety activities can be tracked and finalized by the person in
charge. Each person in charge is fully responsible for the given tasks with
relevant deadline to ensure all the unsafe conditions can be reduced.

There should be a
separate committee called the HIRADC working committee in Miliken. HIRADC means
Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Determining Control. The
objectives of this committee is to work on the hazard identification, risk
assessment & determining control for each hazard at the workplace. HIRADC
is very important and a critical element of OHS Management system. All members
of safety steering committee, safety engineers and operational managers must be
able to understand and well trained to carry out hazard identification, risk
assessment & determining control at the workplace. The outcome of the
HIRADC will become the main source for the preparation of safe work procedures
at the workplace for all the employees to adhere and comply by avoiding any
shortcuts. By doing this, all the unsafe acts or behaviors at the workplace can
be reduced. Besides that, maintaining HIRADC system is very important to the
employers in order to become a safety leader.

To achieve a higher level
of safety awareness, almost every corners at the company to have an active
associate led safety program which is supported by the management team. Code of
conduct in safety and health is mandatory to the employees of the company. Any
violation with this code of conduct can be subjected to disciplinary
action.   Dealing with substance abuse such as alcohol
are highly prohibited among the employees. A substance free workplace policy
has been developed and become a mandatory guidelines for the employees.
Outsiders also playing an important role in this safety context. Possession of
any weapons or other dangerous items by any contractors, vendors, visitors are
prohibited at all times on the property. 
With the compliance of all the safety acts, regulations and good safety
record, Miliken seeks to be always on top of the legal standards. That is the
mission of the company to avoid any injuries or accidents and continue to be a
global leader in safety.

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