Prepared For, Md. Zahir Uddin Arif Visiting Faculty Stamford University, Bangladesh Prepared By, |Name |ID# | |MD. SAJEB KHAN |04412182 | |FIRUN AZADY BITHIKA |04412181 | Program: MBA DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINITRATION STAMFORD UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH TOPIC: MARKRTING MIX & STP ANALYSIS OF BANGLALINKTable of Content | Serial No.

Particulars |Page No. | | |Executive Summary |4 | |1 |Company Profile |5 | |1. 1 |Bangladesh Telecommunication Market |5 | |1.

2 |Business Portfolio |5 | |1. |Planning Marketing |6 | |1. 4 |Slogan of Banglalink “Making difference” |6 | |2 |Marketing Mix |6 | |2. 1 |Product |6 | |2.

2 | Price |9 | |2. | Place (Distribution) |10 | |2. 4 |Promotion |10 | |3 | SOWT analysis |13 | |4 | STP analysis of Banglalink |14 | |4. 1 | Segmentation and Targeting |14 | |4. |Market Positioning of Banglalink |15 | |5 |Conclusion |18 | |6 |References |19 | Executive Summary Identify with the grassroots desires and penetrate appropriate communication services to perk up standard of living is the pledge of ‘Banglalink’.

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After re-branding its operation under the trade name “Banglalink” shortly after the acquisition of OTH (Orascom Telecom Holding), it started to provide its subscribers with basic voice services, messaging services and value-added services. The Banglalink family is made up with a group of passionate individuals, uniquely qualified from diverse disciplines but working towards a common vision. Banglalink until the end of time develop and maintain a strategic fit between the organization goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities.It engrosses defining a lucid company mission, setting supporting objectives, designing a sound business portfolio and coordinating functional strategies. As an emergent company the marketing mix and STP analysis of Banglalink is made up carefully and tactfully after analyzing various catalysts of the market.

Banglalink designs its portfolio by BCG matrix by which it is rapidly increasing its market share by pulling consumers. Some weapons as – Aggressiveness, Large network coverage and Large investment gives it competitive edge The positioning of mobile companies is mostly determined by network service and coverage.The more mobile companies expand their coverage and maintain quality, the better the products acquire position in the market. Banglalink gives the highest importance on the quality of the coverage to ensure that the customers have the best experience while using the service. 1. Company Profile Orascom Telecom Holding purchased 100% of the shares of Sheba Telecom (Pvt. ) Limited (“Sheba”) in September 2004. OTH operates a GSM network in Bangladesh and provides a range of prepaid and postpaid voice, data and multimedia telecommunications services.

As of March, 2006, Banglalink served more than 1. million subscribers. Banglalink estimates that it had a 13.

1% market share of total mobile subscribers in Bangladesh. 1. 1 Bangladesh Telecommunication Market Telecommunications services in Bangladesh are provided principally by the Bangladeshi Telegraph and Telephone Board (the “BTTB”), the incumbent state owned fixed line operator, with respect to fixed-line services, and by five GSM mobile operators, Sheba (“Banglalink”), GrameenPhone (the market leader), TM International Bangladesh Ltd. (“TMIB”), Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. (“PBTL”) and Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (“Teletalk”), a subsidiary of BTTB.Following the acquisition of Banglalink, SingTel acquired a minority stake in the number three operator based on market share, the only CDMA-based operator.

1. 2 Business Portfolio The major activity of strategic planning is business portfolio. Banglalink design its portfolio by BCG matrix. It is method by which market share and growth rate of a unit or product are evaluated.

SBU analysis of Banglalink’s Package are given below— Prepaid M2M…………………Stars Post paid Upper Class……….. Cash Cow Prepaid Standard……………. Question Mark Corporate Package……………Dogs 1. 3 Planning MarketingBanglalink plans its marketing operation and strategies in following • Partnering with other company department • Partnering with others in the marketing system 1. 4 Slogan of Banglalink “Making difference” The biggest barrier today for people is the cost of handsets. We will strive to lower the total cost of owning a mobile.

We are here to help make a difference in people’s lives by providing affordable and reliable connectivity solutions. We will strive to connect people and link their lives by listening to them and by understanding their needs. We are here to help you speak your language.

. Marketing Mix 2. 1 Product The product aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services, and how it relates to the end-user’s needs and wants. The scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties, guarantees, and support service that Banglalink offers their product as follows: ? Prepaid ? Postpaid Prepaid is a system where you pay for your phone calls in advance. Prepaid gives you the freedom to use your mobile within your budget. Key Feature of Banglalink Pre-Paid • No monthly subscription fee • One country one rate 30 days extra incoming facility once the validity is over and then 90 days grace period on scratch card and e-fill (applicable for those customers who recharged account before February 23rd 2007) Banglalink is offering you the following pre-paid products to suit your connectivity needs: Pre-Paid M2M • Connection price Tk.

150 with Tk. 120 free talk time • Mobile-to-Mobile incoming and outgoing. • No monthly fixed charges • Mobile-to-Mobile incoming free • Tk.

50 with 6 days, Tk. 150 with 75 days, Tk. 300 with 181 days and Tk. 600 with 366 days validity. Pre-Paid Standard • Connection price Tk. 199 with Tk.

20 free talk time • Mobile-to-Mobile, T&T and ISD facilities. • No monthly fixed charges • BTTB incoming free • Tk. 50 with 6 days, Tk.

150 with 75 days , Tk. 300 with 181 days and Tk. 600 with 366 days validity.

Document needed to subscribe to Banglalink Prepaid Package: • Two copies of Passport size photographs • Also copy of Passport / photo ID/ driving license /gun license/ commissioner certificate • 2. 1. 1 Banglalink’s Product / Package Name Customers can choose from the following three personal packages based on your need and usage pattern: Personal package 1 o Provides you the lowest call rates Waiver of monthly fee if usage is greater than Tk. 500 (without VAT) o Duplicating mobile number facility o Up to 2 supplementary connections with attractive group talk rate o 10 MB GPRS & Miss call alert FREE (monthly) o 20% bonus on incoming o Up to 15 % loyalty discount Personal supplementary o Low package price at zero deposit o Group talk plan o FREE GPRS o Low monthly line rent o All attractive benefits of personal package 1 o Single bill and shared credit limit Personal call & control o Usage through recharging scratch card/i’top up o Lowest monthly fees o Helps you keep your usage within your control . 1. 2 Product Mix ? Upper Class ? CU Upper Class Upper class is the new postpaid experience created by Banglalink for professionals.

It is targeting the discerning customer, the customer that wants special attention, the customer that appreciates the little touches in life. It is much more than just a price plan – it is an overall different experience with different services designed to make life just that little bit easier… and yes, it also includes very competitive pricing. Commercial User It is the professional package custom made for businessmen. Businessmen always aim at profit maximization.With a vision to assist them in communication Banglalink has come up with two new versions in Commercial Users category: ? CU Package ? CU Call & Control 2.

2 Pricing This refers to the process of setting a price for a product, including discounts. The price need not be monetary – it can simply be what is exchanged for the product or services, e. g. time, energy, or attention. Banglalink follows low call rate pricing strategy. Price and tariff charge are as given below: Desh & Desh Rong migration charges are – * Rangdhanu: TK3.

00 (excluding VAT); * Desh Ek Rate: TK1. 00 (excluding VAT); * Desh Ek Rate Darun: TK1. 0 (excluding VAT); * ew Banglalink Package (7FnF): TK1.

00 (excluding VAT) Desh – the Best Prepaid Package to call at any Network”- ? Lowest off peak rates from 12am-9am @ TK. 0. 45/min from Banglalink – Banglalink & TK. 0. 99/min to other mobile numbers.

? Special Window Hours: TK. 0. 69/min from 9am-5pm to any mobile numbers (Call Set-up Charge of TK. 0. 30 applicable).

? Call to Banglalink numbers @ TK. 1. 25/min & to the other mobile numbers @ TK. 1. 45/min (Call Set-up Charge of TK. 0. 30 applicable in first minute) from 5pm-12am. ? 3 FnF: TK.

0. 45/min to Banglalink numbers & TK. 0. 99/min to other mobile numbers. SMS to Banglalink numbers @ TK0. 50/SMS & to other mobile numbers @ TK0.

50/SMS. Call Charge for Personal Package and Call and Control |  |personal package 1 |personal package 2 |personal call & control | |Monthly line rent/Minimum monthly bill* |100 |1,000* |50 | |Outgoing call (BL-BL) | | | | |00:00 to 9:00 hrs** |0. 29/min |0. 29/min |0. 9/min | |08:00 to 23:00 hrs |1.

50/min |1. 40/min |1. 60/min | |23:00 to 08:00 hrs |1. 50/min |1. 40/min |1. 00/min | |Outgoing call (BL-others) | | | | |08:00 to 23:00 hrs |1.

85/min |1. 40/min |1. 95/min | |23:00 to 08:00 hrs |1. 50/min |1. 40/min |1. 0/min | |Number of FnF |4 |5 |3 | |FnF: 24 hrs | | | | |BL to BL |0.

79/min |0. 79/min |0. 79/min | |BL to other mobiles |1. 25/min |1. 25/min |1. 25/min | |00:00 to 9:00 hrs BL to BL** |0.

29/min |0. 9/min |0. 29/min | |Pulse | | | | |BL to BL |1 second |1 second |1 second | |BL to others |30/30/15 |1 second |30/15/15 | |SMS | | | | |BL to BL |0. 5/SMS |0. 75/SMS |0.

75/SMS | |BL to others |1. 00/SMS |1. 00/SMS |1. 00/SMS | |BL to international |1. 62/SMS |1. 62/SMS |2. 00/SMS | 2.

3 Place Banglalink sells service in all over Bangladesh to young adults, families, and business people. 2. 4 Promotion To achieve distinctive position in the present and potential subscribers’ mind.Banglalink has taken on diversified promotional activities, ranging from television advertisements to billboards, from special festival offer to public transport sponsorships. Billboard Billboards are visual media used for promotion and are found passing through a major roads. These billboards of Banglalink generally include its call rates or charges. Billboards are very effective for attracting general customers. Newspaper Newspapers are the most powerful media to reach to the mass.

Banglalink is now continuing its promotional activities in the renowned Bengali & English dailies.In the newspapers, Banglalink generally includes their latest packages and offers they are going to their customers. TV Advertisement It seems to be the major promotional activities for Banglalink. Various advertisements of Banglalink can be seen now and then on the renowned TV channels showing positioning facilities, customer’s opinion about their service and network coverage.

For example the ‘ladies first’ Sim advertisement shows women of all walk of life and the necessity of conversation by mobile for her and Banglalink is providing minimum charge. Event SponsorshipBanglalink is also promoting and trying to position its product in customers mind by sponsoring some special events. Some of the special events are following on which it has sponsored: ? The News headline on Channel – I ? The lighting in the roads of old airport during the SAARC summit ? IBA convocation and also gave B’link sims to all the students who have passed in the hope that some of those connections will be used by them ? The AFC challenge cup,2006 held in Dhaka and Chittagong on April 1-16 along with Bata and Partex Beverage.Transportation Advertising Banglalink also sponsored in communication system. For example Banglalink sponsors in Rajdhani Express Super Bus. That is the reason Banglalink logo is painted all over in this bus. Event Based Package In different occasions Banglalink goes for its promotional activities in different university campus.

Recently B’link offered a Baishakhi offer in the Business Faculty of Dhaka University. Here they sold the sims at low rate with some extra facilities. Promotional area of Banglalink: General Environment | |(Government; Economy; Socio-Demography; Technology) | |III |[pic] | | |Industry |[pic] |IV | |& | |Marketing | |Competition | |Mix | | | |(Outputs) | |A |[pic] |V | |B | |Internal | |C | | Resources | |Competitors |[pic] |VI | | | |Inputs | 3.

SWOT Analysis of Banglalink | | | |Strengths |Weakness | | | | |Banglalink has some separate strength by which it is rapidly |It also has some weakness by which its performance is being | |increasing its market share and attracting customer. |greatly hampered. | | | |Low call rate |Newly established | |Aggressiveness |Small number of customer | |Large network coverage |No brand reputation | |Large investment |Bad reputation ‘Sheba” | |Low Sim rate |Inexperienced | |Good number of media partner |Need more sales people | | | | |Opportunities |Threats | | | | |Banglalink is not in good position comparing with other telecom |There also some future threats for Banglalink, which can kick | |Organization yet. But still it has various opportunities .

Proper |off Banglalink from operations.So, Banglalink should tactfully | |utilization of these opportunities can make them number one telecom |overcome these threats | |organization in Bangladesh. | | | | | |Good amount of reinvestment |Existing competitor | |Good support from mother company |Increase of Sim tax | |High technological networking system |Legislation could impact. |Large number of customer |Environmental effects would favor larger competitors. | |Could develop new product |Existing core business distribution risk.

| |Profit margin will be good | | |Could seek best supplier deals | | 4. STP analysis of Banglalink: STP means segmentation, targeting and positioning analysis of Banglalink. 4. 1 Segmentation and TargetingCategory of Need The first thing can be established is a category of need that satisfies offerings.

Banglalink target two types of people – For Businessman • Strategic – offering is in some way important to the enterprise mission, objectives and operational oversight. For example, a service that helped evaluate capital investment opportunities would fall into this domain of influence. The purchase decision for this category of offering is made by the prospect’s top level executive management. • Operations – offering affects the general operating policies and procedures. Examples- an employee insurance plan or a corporate wide communications system.This purchase decision is made by the prospect’s top level operations management.

• Functional – offering deals with a specific function within the enterprise such as data processing, accounting, human resources, plant maintenance, engineering design, manufacturing, inventory control, etc. This is the most likely domain for a product or service, but must recognize that the other domains may also get involved if the purchase of the product or service becomes a high profile decision. This purchase decision is made by the prospect’s functional management. [pic] For the Individual Consumer: • Social Esteem or Pleasure – offering satisfies a purely emotional need in the consumer. Examples are a mink coat or a diamond ring.There are some products that are on the boundary between this category and the Functional category such as a Rolex watch (a Timex would satisfy the functional requirement and probably keep time just as well). • Functional – offering meets a functional requirement of the consumer such as a broom, breakfast cereal or lawnmower. 4.

2 Market Positioning of Banglalink Banglalink deals in service industry. It adopted more for less positioning strategy. The positioning of mobile companies is mostly determined by network service and coverage. The products of Banglalink have network mobility feature which helps a subscriber to move around where Banglalink has its coverage.The features of the products and value additions to achieve comparative advantage in market competition come Coverage Banglalink wants to expand its network all through Bangladesh.

The more mobile companies expand their coverage and maintain quality, the better the products acquire position in the market. Banglalink gives the highest importance on the quality of the coverage to ensure that the customers have the best experience while using the service. It is expanding its network very fast to cover all districts of Bangladesh by the end of 2006, but at the same time it is committed to maintain the quality of service where-ever it offers the service.

Present Networking Coverage of Banglalink Banglalink gives the highest importance on the quality of our coverage to ensure that our customers have the best experience while | |using our service. We are expanding our network very fast to cover all districts of Bangladesh by the end of 2005, but at the same | |time we are committed to maintain the quality of service where-ever we offer our service. | Competitive Advantage Banglalink decide to occupy 1st position in the selected segment. It is trying to implant brand unique benefit and differentiation in the mind of consumers It is maintaining competitive advantage over its competitors in following areas….

• Low sim price: Banglalink offer low sim rate for their customers to create position in customer mind. Present call rate is TK250 with TK250 free talk time. Low call rate: They also provide low call rate for their customers. • Bonus talk time: Banglalink offers free bonus talk time by every recharge. • Free sms: Recently they offer unlimited fee sms that’s surprising gift for B’link users. • Arranging mobile fair and give special offers B;link create strong position in customer mind.

Customer Care Center (CCC) Be severed with a smile attitude Banglalink Customer Care Center with a trained team strives to guarantee customer -oriented service aiming to satisfy the subscribers with proactive attitude and efficient solution. Our Customer Care Representative will serve you with pleasure on the following issue. • Subscribing a New Connection • SIM Replacement Transfer Of Ownership • Individual • Corporate • Reconnection • Change of Address • Change of Number • Billing Information Inquiry • Bill payment Through credit card • Package Migration • SIM is Lost • Re-Registration • Call Barring From Handset • Reach To Customer Service Center 5. Conclusion With an aspiring enterprise mission, objective and operational oversight, Banglalink can acquire a domain of influence.

At the same time, it has to maintain some general operating policies and procedures like employee insurance plan or a corporate wide communications system. The positioning of mobile companies is mostly determined by network service and coverage.Then it needs to develop the features of the products and value additions to achieve comparative advantage in market competition. The more mobile companies expand their coverage and maintain quality, the better the products acquire position in the market. Banglalink gives the highest importance on the quality of the coverage to ensure that the customers have the best experience while using the service. References • Kotler, Philip & Armstrong, Gary (13th ed. ) 2009, Principles of Marketing, Prentice Hall, Inc.

, India. • Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane (13th ed. ) 2011-2012, Marketing Management, Prentice Hall, Inc. , India.

• Banglalink home page 2011, viewed , [pic][pic][pic][pic]