Namco Unveils an Enigmatic Inclusion to Its New Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco, developers of Soul Calibur have shown
off the latest version of the weapon-based gaming franchise.

The big reveal through a trailer at The Game Awards divulged
some new character additions to the Soul Calibur VI, a renewed style and an
extra fine-tuning to the game play. Returning Characters, Sophita and Mitsurugi
were seen to have radiated a renewed youthfulness, compared with their previous
appearances in the preceding Soul Calibur versions and heralded the introduction
of a newcomer, Groh.

New fighter, Groh exudes a mystic aura, channelling
dark energy and wielding a detachable, double sided sword. Through his soul
meter, Groh is extremely good with speed, powered- up and energised, capable of
swinging his detachable blade afar off in attack against his opponents. Not a
bad option when compared with other new comers the series presents.

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Returning characters, the young warrior Xianghua, the
Soul Edge construct Nightmare and the cursed monk Kilik were also featured in
the Soul Calibur VI.  

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Soul Calibur IV displays
visual sharper and more detailed than its preceding versions. Its fresh
mechanic referred to as the “Reversal Edge” inputs a higher level of tension
and scenic cinematography to the fight scenes. Likewise, the Soul Calibur’s IV has some new tricks added
in terms of weapon strikes, core fight and dodges.

The emergence of the new Soul Calibur IV, however
announced in the last quarter of 2017 can be attested to be up to standard. Another
strong point of the Soul Calibur IV is presented in its balance between the mechanics
and the accessible gameplay with an incorporation of fun as previous series are
accustomed with.

It would definitely be exciting to watch as the Soul
Calibur’s IV main story would be combined with the in-game considering its focus
on reimagining the events of the original Soul Calibur V. While the story through out the series has been mostly been background
dressing, it does as a solid context for what players can expect from the roster.

Soul Calibur series
since its debut in 2012 is predicted to be played at the Evo Japan 2018 and can
be assumed to have kept gaming enthusiasts in anticipation as to the guest
characters they are likely going to see play alongside the familiar characters.





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