Bad Effects Of Internet While the Internet opens a world of possibilities for young generation, expanding their horizons and exposing them to different cultures and ways of life, they can be exposed to many dangers as they hit the road exploring the information highway. Negative effects of internet such as internet addiction, explicit contents and plagiarism are not unusual in today’s culture, if not used properly, the Internet may be severely damaging to the mental and physical health of children and young adults.

One of the most obvious problems with young generation using the internet is the chance of getting addicted. Children and young adolescents that have grown up using computers will naturally be more susceptible to getting hooked on the internet. This computer overuse results in less time for them to study, do homework, read, exercise, or participate in any co curriculum activities.

As a result, internet addiction directly affected their day to day’s lifestyle and characteristic whom some are suppose to be inside the classroom yet they are wasting time surfing the Internet, watching pornography, playing online games in cyber cafe. The proof can be seen from the exponential increase from cyber cafes. As a matter of fact, young generation are spending more time in front of the monitor surfing internet than they are getting their daily exercise, consequently, many medical problems such as obesity, eye health and postural problems occur and affect the children’s health and social life.

Such a pattern will eventually affect their grades, health, and social life. Moreover, Internet addiction disrupts teenagers’ relationships with family and friends and tends to replace education and other positive activities. According to Dr. Kimberly S. Young of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, she found that serious relationship problems were reported by 53% of young adolescents surveyed, while parent-child relationships and close friendships have been noted to be seriously…

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Bad Effects of Internet
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