Back all 3 estates, the 3rd one really

Back then in the 1700’s, let’s just say it was tough. During the French Revolution, many people came to power such as Robespierre who started and ended the reign of terror by dying, and Napoleon, who became the first Emperor of France. There were many revolutions that had to occur. One main revolution that impacted a lot of people or their society was the French Revolution. The French Revolution incorporated essential economic, political & social changes to France. In the 18th century, the old regime was ruling in France & the people were divided into three estates. First and foremost, social changes really impacted the society during the French Revolution because out of all 3 estates, the 3rd one really affected the most out of it. The 3rd estate included mostly peasants. They ended up forming a group called the National Assembly & demanded to be heard. While the meeting was in session, the members of the NA was locked out of their meeting place they took the Tennis Court Oath (” a vow by members of the 3rd estate not to disband until a constitution was written”) & pledged not to separate. They also had a phrase/slogan Political & Economic really contributed to France in a good & bad way. The absolute monarch ruler of France during 1789 the start of the revolution was King Louis XVI. The new constitution that was written was called “The Declarations of Rights of Man”. Napoleon ended up stabilizing its economy. Before the French Revolution had even started there was a serious money-based problem that was happening in France. Since the King and Queen refused to formalize the process of people buying things & by giving some of their money. The French government had gone through money problems, resulting from the long wars waged during the rule of Louis XIV, the losses caused in the French & Indian War, & increased debt arising from loans to the American colonies during the American Revolution. Those were some major causes of the French Revolution. The French people wanted rights and would later get these. However, there were many other causes as well and you can learn about them other places. The French revolution played a major part in France’s history and although some changes were not so good as women losing some ground, it helped pave the way to modern France.