How to Avoid Light Pollution Indoor

Many people have come to realize the dangers of light pollution outdoors, but the light pollution problems are often not enough paid attention to indoor environment. In fact, the poorly designed interior lighting will cause a certain degree of light pollution, affecting the lives of the occupants health. The Indoor light pollution is caused by many reasons, but what are the reasons In terms of the lighting design?We asked the Belling lighting design Tomomi’s chief designer Ren Jian, he said: “At present, there are errors on the Interior lighting design or many consumers, the maln problems: excessive lighting, lighting Is too bright or dark, the color Is complex, In fact, These problems can be avoided In the lighting design. ” Many consumers extensively use the llghtlng to pursuit of decorative effect,.In fact, the general budget of decorative lighting should be the total cost of all the Items within 5% of the budget, the excessive decorative lighting not only make the occupants eye fatigue and the vision decreased, but seriously damage to the human ye cornea and iris Making that the person suffers from the dizziness, fatigue and other similar to neurasthenia symptoms. The overly bright or dark lighting will make the occupants visual fatigue or decreased vision, increased incidence of cataract.

There are many consumers preferring to design the colorful lighting.Actually, these colors messy lighting, in addition to harm vision, but also interfere with the central nervous system function of the brain. Indoor lighting “light pollution” should not be overlooked, is there any way to avoid its dverse health effects? The lighting design experts have given some suggestions: One, when choosing the lighting, we should choose those lamps with the characteristics of high color, high-strobe, stable performance. Such as the fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, LED tube light and so on.High color, light, moderate, no flare spot, no aperture lamp, which can ensure the authenticity and comfort of the object; high strobe lamps can reduce eye fatigue; the lighting having stable performance can make that the power efficiency is high and has long life, the omplete protection greatly increase the overall stability. Second, under the premise of protecting the normal lighting, by cleverly setting up the position of the lighting Is to reduce light pollution.

Such as concealed Installation of lighting avoid exposing the high points of light.In addltlon, selecting the llghtlng with antl-glare can significantly reduce the glare caused by light pollution. Third, appropriately use the Indirect lighting, for example, taking advantage of the celling reflects the light, light Is both uniform and comfortable. It Is suitable to use indirect lighting in a ceiling or light-colored ceiling and where the relatively high Of course, there are many ways and skills to avoid light pollution, here is make a few directional proposals, more detailed applied aspects has yet to be constantly explored and summarized.There is no doubt that using LED lighting is one of the key measures to avoid the light pollution, as the third generation of energy-saving and environmental protection semiconductor LED lighting, because the low-voltage constant current driver turn the AC to DC, greatly reducing the stroboscopic effect the alternating current bring so that relieve the irritation the light makes adverse impact on human eye and light pollution, and LED lamps do not add mercury and other heavy metals polluting the environment and the harming human body.


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