Australia’s economy grew a
solid 1.1 for every penny in the final quarter (Q4), lifting Australia’s yearly
monetary development to 2.5 for each penny in 2016, as per the most recent
National Accounts figures discharged by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
The most recent outcome is a positive sign that our economy has kept up the
strong energy that has just conveyed Australia 26 years of continuous monetary
development. All the more drastically, I assess that Australia now holds the
record for the longest time of subsidence free development for a created


Australia is the main
nation in the created world with a time of continuous financial development
that since quite a while ago, in view of the casual definition that a retreat
requires two back to back quarters of negative monetary development. At the end
of the day, the majority of the other 34 part nations in the Organization for
Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have encountered no less than one
time of two continuous quarters of negative GDP development since 1991, with
numerous economies encountering two scenes of negative development amid that
period: one out of 2001 after the fall of the Dot.Com air pocket; and one in
the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC).


The period since 1991 is
the longest time of development that Australia has recorded for at any rate the
previous 50 years and has seen the economy enroll a normal development rate of
3.2 for each penny for each annum. The following longest period amid which
year-end development stayed positive was for around ten years in the vicinity
of 1962 and 1971. In the 1980s, our development stages endured just seven or
eight years previously another retreat hit.


On a quarter-to-quarter
premise, the December 2016 national records figure spoke to the 98th positive
development rate since the economy started to recoup in Q3 1991 after the two
back to back negative development rates in Q1 and Q2 1991. According to my
observation, Australia’s number of back to back quarter’s certain development
has now surpassed all OECD part nations including Ireland (78 quarters between
Q3 1986 and Q1 2007), Poland (77 since its information wound up noticeably
accessible from Q2 1995), Netherlands (76 between Q4 1981 and Q1 2003) and
South Korea (71 since the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998). 

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