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Maintenance of Gas Range
by: Bipin Maharjan
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Ranges are customised high-powered gas stove used by hotel, restaurant and
catering industries. The size and power are higher in gas ranges than gas
stoves which we usually use in our home. We can find many different designs of
Gas Ranges in the market which are custom-designed and delivered according to
need of the organisation. Usually body are made of stainless steel with one or
more built-in gas burners. The size, design and number of gas burners may vary
from company to company depending on size and type of company using it. Some
designs we can find in the market are:

Single burner Gas Range: This type of gas range is
used by outdoor catering agencies where they may have to carry the ranges to
different places for different events and also large cooking utensils are

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Figure 1: (Single Gas Range, n.d.)


Single Line Multiple Burner Gas Range: This type of range is
suitable for restaurants which don’t have wider space in the kitchen area but
need multiple ranges to prepare many dishes at same time. The number of burner
may increase with the length of kitchen allowing number of people to work at
same time.


Figure 2: (Triple Burner Gas Range,
n.d.)     Figure 3: (commercial hotel kitchen,


Multiple Burner Gas Range: This type of range is used
in kitchen with wider area. Usually it comes in combination of 2×2 or 3×2 which
means 2 burners in each side and 3 burners is 2 sides respectively. This allows
people to work freely from either side at same time if range is kept in the
middle off kitchen.


4: (baonankitchen equipment,
n.d.)                Figure 5: (commercial kitchen, n.d.)


Different parts of Gas Range:

heavy equipment is made by combination of small parts. Similarly, there are
many parts used together to build a gas range. Some of the important parts of
gas range are:

This is a part through which gas is distributed equally to ignite a fire

Figure 6: (burner, n.d.)


This is a small burner which is lit on continuously so that one does not have
to use lighter again and again to ignite fire.

The outer body of the range on which gas burner stands. This is usually made
from stainless steel.

This is a part fitted with plastic or metal knob through which we control the
pressure gas flow.

 Figure 7: (gas stove parts, n.d.)

stand: This is placed above burner on which utensils sits.

 Figure 8: (gas stove parts, n.d.)

Plate: This is a metal plate placed under the gas burners which collects the
spills and residue during cooking process.

Introduction of Preventive Maintenance

maintenance is the process through which maintenance of the equipment is done on
periodic basis to prolong the lifespan of equipment preventing the failure
before it actually occurs either by preserving or replacing the parts.
Preventive maintenance not only helps to prolong the life but helps to reduce
the cost of maintenance and replacing parts. It is done according to instructions
provided by the manufacturer and the tasks performed are recorded meeting the
standards set by insurance company or manufacturer’s warranty. Preventive
Maintenance does not include all the elements in the hotel instead it covers
the things which are crucial in offering guest satisfaction, safety and security
and general impression of the property.

Preventive Maintenance and Inspection
Guidelines for Gas Range

we all know that equipment used in hotel industry are of high end quality and
costs eventually higher than usual. Therefore, taking proper care and
maintaining the equipment is required to reduce the breakage and prolong the
life of equipment. Every hotel staffs are trained and required to do one thing
i.e. clean as you go. For example; if food spills on top of gas range while cooking,
then wipe it as immediately as possible, picking up the food spill on burner
and residue plates, wiping the top of gas range, stand and body with damp cloth
during the end of each shift or at lease before kitchen is closed. This all
comes under daily maintenance of the gas range. The Gas Range used by the hotel
also costs huge sum as they are custom-designed according to need and layout of
the hotel. Preventive Maintenance and Inspection of gas range is required as it
helps for uninterrupted work flow without device failure and prolong the life
of the equipment.

Preventive Maintenance and inspection of gas range is usually scheduled as

(Twice a month)

burners and soak in soapy water

warm soap water to clean the stubborn stains and cook spill and scrub it if required

food cakes deposited in residue plates, under and besides the burners

stiff wire, wire brush or pin to clean clogged holes in burner, pilot and gas
flow valves.

the body of the range to keep them clean, shiny and free from bacteria

the parts properly and replace them

or twice a year (Depending on size and usage)

for wear and tear of the parts like burners, valve, knob etc. and replace them
if required

gas is highly flammable substance, its leakage can be dangerous causing loss of
both human life and property. That is why it is compulsory to inspect the
leakage on pipelines with help of experts who are usually outsourced and are
specialised and licensed for quality assurance.

help of expertise check the O-rings, gaskets and connections are working
properly or not and replace them if needed.

manufacturers specifications if provided to maintain work performance of the

the tasks undertaken during the maintenance for warranty claim if provided by
manufacturer and for future purpose


How does preventive maintenance contribute to the productive use of labour and
the cost associated with it?

Any organization invests huge amount of capital in buying/renting
property, decorating it, buying equipment and most importantly in human
resourcing for smooth operation. Every investment done in a hotel’s property is
directed to deliver the maximum amount of guest satisfaction creating an absolute
image of the hotel. Since everything inside the hotel are related to each other
in delivering standard service to the guest, loss of even a small element is
critical and effects in smooth operation.

To lessen this kind of mishaps which may lead to interrupted and
unsatisfactory service to the guest creating negative impact on hotel’s image
or loss of property due to temporary or permanent damage preventive maintenance
is required. It not on helps to prevent the loss of property but also helps to
reduce the cost of maintaining the property for smooth operation and prolong its
life. The scheduling of preventive maintenance is usually spread though out the
month without bulking the workload to be done in a week or two. This helps in
proper use of manpower available in the property to perform a task without pressurizing
the employees physically and mentally. This leads to proper maintenance of the

Preventive maintenance also helps in maintaining the smooth operation of
the equipment used in a hotel preventing the breakdown of the equipment which
may require costly emergency maintenance. Periodical check and inspection of
the equipment and recoding the tasks performed will be very useful maintaining
continuous usage of the equipment and in many conditions for claiming the manufacturer
warranties and insurance for any mishaps. This will also help in prolonging the
lifespan of the equipment being used in the hotel.

Lesser maintenance and lesser damage to the property means saving of
time and money. This is the reason why I consider that Preventive maintenance contributes
to productive use of labor and the cost associated with it.
























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