As love became the basis of getting
married, people began to question what would hold the marriage together if love
and intimacy disappeared. If marital companionship wasn’t based on social
status anymore, then there would be nothing to hold it together once the
feelings fade. Thus, people began to demand the right to divorce their partner.

Women began to advocate for equal rights to survive financially without relying
on a husband and by the 1950s, the traditional form of a marital union
transformed. “The older system of arranged, patriarchal marriage was replaced
by the love-based male breadwinner marriage, with its ideal lifelong monogamy
and intimacy” (Coontz, pg. 11). However, this ideal lifelong marriage system
didn’t last long and soon became

  what we now know to be
modern-day marriage.

            Today, marriage is
becoming less of a common practice. Many couples are putting off the ceremony
or choosing to live together without entering a legally binding contract. The
article, “The Institution of Marriage is
Weakening” states, “National marriage rate has dropped 43 percent over the last
four decades to its lowest point ever” (Society, pg.2). This influences the
ways in which our society perceives marriage. Children are now growing up as
bastards and following in the footsteps of their parents. The concept of
anti-marriage is becoming more popularized. “From 1976 to 1980, 68 percent of
teen-age girls surveyed said they thought it was likely they would stay married
to the same person for a lifetime. In 1995, it was 64 percent” (Society, pg.2).

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The modern- day marriage has evolved from the traditional ways. Women are now
seeking their own careers and don’t rely on men to support them financially.

Due to this, they often put their careers first, which results in less time
spent on forming intimate relationships with partners. This evolution over the
last hundreds of years leads to a confusion of what marriage is supposed to
look like. 


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