As citizens of a rapidly growing global community, we have a responsibility to maintain the societal bridges built by our ancestors that enables humanity to move forward. Our growing ability to connect different parts of the globe through technological and cultural resources is exemplary, resources which were not present in the past. Understanding the real world through physical interactions with different cultures and ages, being able to adopt new languages, customs, and traditions, values, arts, clothing, and knowledge really defines an academic growth not present only through bookwork.

Being able to endure a cultural and personal growth from a global education also facilitates a continually growing maturity, a gaining of interpersonal skills, and an increase in humbleness in my duty as both a global citizen and a future physician striving for altruism. Being immersed in a different culture teaches me a great amount about both an environment outside my own ‘comfort bubble’ and a better understanding of my own self and culture. For me to really understand how current local affairs and global issues affect a foreign population’s lives develops my ability to be able to make better, well-informed decisions independently, an essential quality needed for success in the medical field. Learning and adapting new elements from a cultural perspective also promotes a personal growth in my intro- and inter-personal skills. Personal growth through independence, social skills, self-confidence, organizational skills, and time-management are all important skills that are necessary for the medical field and require development through physical interactions outside a normal classroom.

Through interaction with a new community, a more rapid development of personal judgment, problem-solving, and rational thinking are established to allow me to successfully interact with a different culture, language, and environment altogether. An advancement in my physical, mental, social, and academic facets through improvement of all these skills allow me to reach new levels of altruism through an ability to be able to connect with all parts of the world, and a global teaching environment helps facilitate this in a great manner for me.