As a Freshman
I moved on to Winona State University’s Campus and instantly found that life on
campus can be incredibly stressful between trying to take proper care of yourself,
stresses of courses and relationships. I realized that I wasn’t taking proper
care of myself and not quite feeling well mentally under all these pressures. I
am not the only college student who has been suffering from mental illness as a
college student, 1 in 4 college students suffer from a mental illness, 40%
never seek help, 80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, and 50% have
become so anxious that they struggled in school. There are so many mental
Illnesses that terrorize our college students today that we should be aware of.

            The first and foremost I would like
to talk about depression. Currently depression is a huge and incredibly relevant
problem in colleges. Depression has been reported to be the leading reason that
students drop out of school.  36% of
college students have been reported to suffer from depression. Many times, this
depression is left untreated and often it results in farther symptoms or even suicide.

This illness can leave you feeling helpless and detached and makes everyday
tasks so much harder.

There are a
few ways to tell if someone close to you or a peer is suffering from depression.

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Have they stopped attending social events and/or classes? Do these people

experience excessive
anger or extreme sadness over a relationship in their life? Have you been
sensing that this person no longer finds joy in things that they once loved? Are
they repeatedly bringing up the topic of death or suicide? If you notice any of
these symptoms, this person may be suffering from depression but it is never
fair to assume. If you are concerned or notice any of these issues worsening
try to confront them and express your concern.  Do you believe that you might be suffering
from depression? Do you feel as if you must turn to extremely heavy drinking or
drug use to lessen or forget your feelings of sadness or hopelessness? Does your
Family have a history of depression? Are you having thoughts about ending your

Listen up, there’s resources out there for you, even
though you might feel like you’re completely alone, you’re wrong. There are so
many resources that are at the tips of your fingers. One example is the Anxiety
and Depression Association of America, which is an organization that is dedicated
to treating, preventing, and curing depression. Providing mobile apps that were
created to help people who live with depression and identifies links for people
who are seeking help. American college Health Association, which promotes mental
health on campuses. The organization makes available many resources on its website,
information about types of depression, help lines, and links to other helpful
sites. Also, Ulifeline which is a website specialized for college students who
are seeking better mental health. On this site are also many helpful tips on
aiding a peer or friend who may be suffering from depression. Listen up, seek
help for yourself or aid someone who is suffering, you could be saving a life.

Most people experience anxiety in small
portions and its quite normal. Feeling as though anxiety is controlling your
life is a different ball park. People who suffer from anxiety feel as

though their ability
to function is affected and they experience extreme amounts of fear and

stress. Anxiety
disorder is the most common disorder in the US. 40 million people over the age

of 18 and only
1/3 of these people will ever seek help. (PTSD) Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder,

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, (SAD) Social Anxiety Disorder, and (OCD)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are all types of anxiety. Some Most
people who suffer from anxiety will have experienced their first episode by the
young age of 22.

Ways to notice
if your friend or peer is dealing with an anxiety disorder is to check for visible
panic attacks. The person of concern may seem constantly overwhelmed with guilt
or stress. Often, they feel as though they have blank minds and appear as
though they can’t concentrate. People with an anxiety order also sometimes go
through a difficult time a don’t These people seem uncomfortable in social
atmospheres, they also live in constant fear of failure. Have you ever thought that
you might have an anxiety disorder? An easy way to tell is to ask yourself if
you have worried thoughts on a daily basis, sudden heart pounding anxiety attacks,
your anxiety affects your school work and social life, and having fears that are
seen to be irrational.

Listen up, there’s resources out there for you, even
though you might feel like you’re completely alone, you’re wrong.  There are tons of great resources for those
who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Just a few of these amazing resources
being the Anxiety Resource Center, Social Anxiety Association, and Beyond OCD. The
Anxiety Resource Center which is a nonprofit organization that who assists
anyone who suffering from an anxiety disorder. This source provides blogs that
keep up with recent breakthroughs in the research, a newsletter and

education materials. The Social Anxiety
Association is a nonprofit that specializes in the treatment and deeper
understanding of social anxiety. This site has links to support groups,

extensive information on treatment
options, news updates on research of the disorder, and information on how to
find health professionals in your area. Beyond OCD has a site that has
suggestions and resources provided to assist suffers who are also students
manage their OCD. There is also a function on this website to help find support
groups around their area. Listen up, seeking help for yourself or a peer is crucial
and incredibly important don’t neglect your mental health.

college campuses alcohol and drug addiction is incredibly common and even
normalized. About 25% of students who drank on a regular basis reported academic
problems that was related to their drinking issue. 21.3% of people between 18
and 25 use illicit drugs, and 3.8% use psychotherapeutic drugs for non-medical
purpose according to the 2012 National Survey of Drug Use and Health by the US department
of Health and Human Services. Almost 60% of college students have consumed alcohol
in this last month. 2/3 of those students were binge drinking at this time. Up
to 20% of American college student have meet Alcohol Use Disorder criteria.

you think that you one of your friends or someone who is close to you is
suffering from alcohol or drug addiction? While in a college atmosphere drug
and alcohol use is normalized, and used very often this makes it harder to deifier.

It is hard to tell when one of these actions start turning into an issue rather
than something used for solely recreational use. But sill. there are certain
ways to tell if someone is having an issue with substance abuse. Is this person
using this substance to suppress any issues or relieve stress, because using
something to escape

can be the beginning of addiction.

People who struggle with addiction also tend to develop a change in personality,
and make their life revolve around being able to participate in that activity

be it drinking or drugs. Due to
changes in personality and obsession with the substance this too

often causes issues in their social
life and relationships. Don’t judge these individuals this might cause them to
ignore their issues. Offer them help instead and be as understanding as possible.

you are concerned that you yourself is suffering from addiction. You need to
ask yourself if you drink to suppress a negative emotion. Another thing that
can play a huge part in this is if any of your blood relations have issues with
addiction it can mean you’re at danger. If you any of these things applied to
your life you should see a health professional as soon as possible to see what
treatments are available.  

Listen up, there’s resources out there for you, even
though you might feel like you’re completely alone, you’re wrong.  There are many resources out there for people
who are suffering from addiction. These being National Institute for Drug
Abuse, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). The National
Institute for Drug Abuse offers the most recent research, clinical trial offers
and help for people who are looking for treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step
program that was created to give alcoholics the ability to rebuild their lives,
you’ll easily be able to find meeting near you thanks to their website.

Narcotics Anonymous is very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous because they both
have 12-step and you can find a location near you that will assist you in
breaking your habit. Listen up, you need to seek help or assist a friend in
finding treatment, you could be saving someone’s life.

            Many universities
have been not responding you student mental health in way that is satisfactory,
we need to stand together assist and support each other so we can make a
change. There have even been cases of students being kicked off campus and hospitalized
unnecessarily by the healthcare professionals working for the universities. So
many students are struggling from mental illnesses and we must band together
and look out for one another. LISTEN UP, there are resources out there for US, even though WE might feel like WERE completely alone, WERE
wrong. WE need seek help or assist a friend in finding treatment, WE could be
saving OUR lives. 


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