As a hispanic woman growing up in a americanized society I have dealt with situations that my white friends  could not comprehend. Furthermore, the discrimination of ethnicities is often the first of many issues in our nation to be seen differently by racial groups. For instance, a poll taken by CNN proved that 87% of African Americans believe there is still discrimination towards black people compared to 49% of whites (Struyk). Even though more and more African American agree that they are being degraded which may be due to previous experiences, less whites are aware of it or choose to ignore. Another reason for whites not agreeing with African Americans with the fact that they are being discriminated can be because they are often benefited in situations that blacks would not usually be. Essentially, a trend called “#CrimingWhileWhite” reflected on how whites were found to be innocent of crime they were guilty of(Salam). Additionally the author of this article explains,  “Even brazenly disrespectful behavior, like blowing marijuana smoke in the face of a police officer, will be overlooked or forgiven if the offender is white” (Salam). If the people were black instead of white then they may have not been sent free. As a matter of fact, they  may have been incarcerated, beaten or even killed. Moreover, 76% of African Americans believe that the criminal justice system favors whites, meanwhile 42% of whites do (Struyk). Police Brutality is still an issue that we face to this day and it’s victims are often minorities.  In fact, a study reports that at least one African American man is killed by police or vigilantes in America every 28 hours (Lewis). The murders of these peoples are often unheard of or hidden because of how often they occur.  The sad truth is that sometimes the person at the end of the barrel is often someone of color that does not deserve to be killed in the hands of people who are paid to protect. For instance, police tend to act more violent towards people of color as in the case of Eric Garner who begged to breathe 11 times after being strangled (Lewis). As a result the police were charged with no indictment, further proving that discrimination from an authority figure can be overlooked. Furthermore, a month after Eric Garner’s strangulation, Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer who received no consequence after believing he stole cigarettes (Lewis). No person should be killed for allegedly stealing cigarettes, however since he was black the police officer felt the need to. Discrimination can come in many forms, including workers of the law. Although the government offers help to its citizens, such as Pell Grants and Food Stamps, often times the amount of help can unknowingly vary on social class and race. Pell Grants are given to anyone from any social class, meanwhile Food Stamps are given to people under the poverty rate (Leong). As a matter of fact, Pell Grants are more than likely to be given to people of middle or higher class and they are given $3,629 monthly (Leong). Since the majority of families are receiving Pell Grants are above the poverty line, the federal help is not as needed as people in poverty. Furthermore, whites only make up 9% of people in poverty in the United States ( In fact in Durham alone 22.1% of African Americans are living in poverty (Murdock). Also,35.7% of Food stamp recipients are African American who are in poverty and are only given $125.36 (Leong). Unlike the college students with Pell Grants they are not allowed to spend the money on what they choose, the money is restricted to only food. On the other hand, if the college kids do not end up using all of the money given to them they are given the rest of the money in a check (Leong). Rich, white kids are often the people who receive pell grants and they are not given as much restrictions as the poor minorities who receive food stamps. A “Welfare Queen” is an image of a black woman who abuses drugs, have many children, and does not have job (Leong). This is an image that dates back to the 1970’s that is often applied to minorities who use Food Stamps (Leong).  The people who truly need the help from the government are degraded because they cannot afford to put food on the table. In fact, instead of a woman who abuses government money, often times the people using it are single parent trying to support their children (Leong).


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