Pakistan’s one of the biggest issue is electricity shortfall, generation of
electricity from fossil fuel is 64%, hydro 30% and nuclear 5% of total, other
renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass 
etc. are big players in industry of sustainable energy but small
energy-harvesting products have their place as well.Generation of electricity
using non-renewable sources  is dangerous
for our environment due to release of dangerous gases like carbon may cause
rise in temperature and also huge cost.

“PIEZOELECTRICITY” is electrical energy harvested from mechanical pressure such
as walking motion. When pressure is applied on an object, a negative charge is
created on the expanded side and a positive charge is created on the compressed
side. As this pressure is relieved, electric current flows across the

was discovered in 1880 by French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie.”The first
practical application for piezoelectric devices was sonar, first developed
during World War I.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single
step. Energy Floors could make that step more productive. Energy harvesting
through piezo has potential to replace batteries in small, low power electronic
devices. Many countries like japan, Israel and London are using this method to
generate electricity and fulfill the basic needs of electricity like lighting
street lamps, airports, terminals and railway stations.

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We have already used this method in our semester project
to extract energy from shoes and it was successful we light LED’s using these
elements, so want to use tiles which are consist of piezo elements and which
can be implemented on public places ,the more people walk the more energy we
can create. Piezoelectric floors then could be able to produce few microwatts
and up to watts per step depending on pedestrians and piezoelectric technology.
Capacitors could be used to store this energy we could be able to use that
energy where its required.

 an Israeli energy harvesting system used this
method on roads ,every time a vehicle passed by road this converts that wasted
mechanical energy into electrical energy and they are generating 200kw per hour
of energy, moreover JAPAN have
already installed  this technique in
dance floors to generate electricity and East
Japan Railway Company (JR East) installed this system in the floor of
busiest subway station.The total amount of floor-space will add up to around 25
square meters, and they expect to obtain over 1,400kw per day ,that is more
than enough to power their systems.


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