As once said by Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”taking that to mind i tend to think to myself, You only live once right? Knowing that, i go out when i have the chance and explore what’s around me often leading me to find the things that explain what was once there.  Having all these albums or having my social media accounts full of pictures of abandoned or forgotten locations is often perceived as “edgy”, Many people say that exploring abandoned places is a risky and dangerous hobby, but to me i find a level of daring inherent when entering place because everything and every place has a story behind it waiting to be told. Getting into urban exploring is something not everyone is interested in doing. Being able to see certain places with your own eyes is an experience. The creation and beauty of these buildings that have been left alone for year,sometimes even decades is incomparable to any place  portrayed in movies or pictures. It also gives you many feelings while walking around abandoned places like excitement, amazement and more. Some say this doesn’t seem to be such a fun hobby,however it really is. While exploring you can also run into things out of the ordinary or things you never thought you’d see. My goal is to map out places all around in or out of state or even traveling all over the world to find new places waiting to be explored. From my first experience i learned that on your first trip to an abandoned building, remember to always have more than person by your side in case something goes wrong.The only problem with exploring all these places is to make you do it without getting noticed or caught by cops or security,because they way i look at it is it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught, so don’t be stupid. Though, for me that’s just part of the thrill of getting into buildings. Most of the time when officers notice people “breaking”  in, they try harder to block windows and doors so that people can’t get in. Though that doesn’t stop me it essentially gives my brain time to think of a new and clever way to get in. Also, most security or cops won’t typically follow you into the building during the night due to their own safety.


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