Artificial Intelligent
machines are replacing or boosting human capabilities in many areas. Artificial
intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. The area of
computer science deals with machines, the ability seems like that they have
human intelligence, which copied intelligent human behavior. Artificial
Intelligence is becoming a popular field in current technological science as it
has enhanced the human professional work front in many areas. Artificial
intelligence in the last two decades has greatly improved performance of the
manufacturing and service systems. Study in the area of artificial intelligence
had given boosting growth of technology is known as expert system. Artificial
Intelligence Application in the areas of is having a huge impact on various
fields of life as expert system is widely using these days to help the complex
problems in various areas such as science, human resource, work life
management, engineering, business, medicine, weather forecasting.

In the term of artificial intelligence for most of the
businesses, the role of data in planning, operations and strategy is not just
about competitive differentiator, but more about competitive necessity to
survive in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem. Artificial intelligence
identifies patterns and creates connections for the Human resource that would
be intricate as well as time-consuming for humans to unravel. Such level of
machine intelligence – report would allow HR professionals to become strategic
and proactive.

Improvisation Human Resources by Using AI

Performance Breakdown
Human Bias
prediction models
in Workflow
Recruitment cycle

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 How AI create an impact for HR?

Reporting on surveys and company analytics, and also spared and manage the
data frequently with in or out of organizations’.
and Scheduling, particularly group meetings or interviews which require
coordinating multiple professional’s calendars.
 Improving the quality workflows by saving
employees from distraction: such as gathering and sending someone a
briefing sheet before an important meeting
knowledge of your policies, benefits, and legal structure that serves as
the go-to resource for employee questions
 Assessment of employee growth and
development, providing assistance and reviewing bt using digital
knowledge gaps within an organization and providing hiring recommendations
or identify weaknesses in corporate knowledge

new job roles needed to fully leverage AI in HR

The journeys of digital transform employee
experience in an organization. This starts with creation of the head of
employee experience role.  Our
workplace is as an everyday experience. This
role is responsible for bringing to life the Airing mission of Belong Anywhere
to life by creating memorable workplace experiences which span all aspects of
work space, recruitment, development, volunteer experiences, and even the menus
in Arian facilities. 

Current challenges…

High Cost: Our financial barriers can be blamed for the lack of
wider implementation of AI tools to assessment of tasks. When senior leaders do
not see the value in using AI for human resource functions, it can be hard to
justify the cost of digital intelligence.

 No New
Creativity: Human
brains have or even the originality of a creative mind. Human beings are highly
sensitive and emotional intellectuals, while they can help you design and
create; they are no match for the power of thinking

No Plagiarize Humans: They perform what is programmed and cannot make the
judgment of right or wrong. They cannot take decisions if they encounter a
situation unfamiliar to them. 

Recession: People with nothing to do
can lead to the destructive use of their creative minds. Humans can
unnecessarily be highly dependent on the machines if the use of artificial
intelligence becomes rampant. Humans will lose their creative power and will
become lazy and unemployed.

No Renovation with Experience: Machines are unable to alter
their responses to changing environments. We are constantly bombarded by the
question whether it is really exciting to replace humans with machines. In the
world of artificial intelligence, there is nothing like working with a whole
heart or passionately. Care or concerns are not present in the machine
intelligence dictionary.

Future Expectation

Artificial intelligence not only
simplifies processes but also helps in making logical decisions by removing
biases. It can bring in a paradigm shift to areas of HR operations such as
recruiting, learning and development. Another significant role of HR managers
in the company is to advise business leaders of upcoming technologies and the
way they can be used to improve employee performances.  It plays a pivotal
role in driving the organizational change by successfully integrating human and
digital workforces pragmatically. 


intelligence (AI) and increasingly innovation in digital world currently
influence our lives and our civilization more than ever before. The areas of AI
application are diverse and the possibilities far-reaching, and thanks to
recent improvements in computer hardware, certain AI algorithms already surpass
the capacities of today’s human experts. As AI capacity improves, its field of
application will continue to grow. In concrete terms, it is likely that the
relevant algorithms will start optimizing themselves to an ever greater degree
and may one day attain superhuman levels of intelligence. This technological
growth is likely to gives us with historically extraordinary ethical
challenges. Many experts believe that, alongside global opportunities.